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2005-09-15 In-Store-Signing Celtic Note

reviewed by Sandra


Jean and I arrived at Celtic Note at about 12.45 and were greeted by one Mr. Nelson who was observing everything from the balcony. Shortly after Beate and Brid arrived. The guys were indeed scheduled to sing a few songs at 1pm so just beforehand they came down to the shop floor and mingled with a small crowd who had assembled there. It is not a big store so approximately fifty people had arrived and the place was full. As James was chatting to us, he also introduced us to a lovely lady who turned out to be Holly's mum (as per James' recent message).

At about 1.10 the guys took up three mikes and proceeded to do a sound check which received great applause. It was part of "Here, There and Everywhere" and they did say it was just a sound check and also an easy song to sing to start with.

A few minutes later they formally took position in the shop, which I have to admit was almost three feet away from where I was standing and a fantastic position to be at for such an occasion. They then introduced their first song "Non Siamo Isole" with Matthew taking the part of Brian. I must say, even though I do like Brian Kennedy, Matthew is a brilliant substitute (sorry Niall !).

I think I'm getting the songs mixed up already but they also sang "Angel of Mercy" which, if one was the weepy kind, would really bring a tear to the eye and also knowing that its dedicated to Holly puts a totally different light on the whole song.

Then Niall very kindly demonstrated (sort of) that the next song would be "You Raise Me Up" which was recorded with Samantha Mumba but as she was off launching her new lingerie range (which he describes as having "lacy bits") that James would be Samantha for today. James did say he would show us the lingerie but, unfortunately, he must have forgotten.

The next song was "Here, There and Everywhere" in its entirety which was the Beatles song but these guys make it sound so much more lively and also Niall mentioned that it was a sunny song (whatever that means !) and too cheer us up because it was lashing rain outside.

Finally, they sung "All Out of Love" without Air Supply this time and fantastically too. Seeing this song being sung with such talented voices and knowing by looking at the guys that they are really enjoying what they are doing makes the song mean so much more and does (as James mentions) reminds one of school discos !.

After this fab lunch time performance the guys did a sort of meet and greet (which wasn't really necessary as they were within arms' reach anyway!). Lots of people were really impressed and I did see some people buying four and five copies of the CD before getting them all signed. I must also say that towards the back of the shop I did notice Pat Egan and Brian Hand looking like they too were enjoying the show. Nice to see that busy people have the time to turn up to such important events in the guys lives.

Also: On the CD each song has a short sleeve note written by each of the guys which is well worth taking time out to read. I always think it helps to have an idea what the song is about or what inspired it and these notes do just that. Also, among the thankyous at the back of the booklet, one waits for Niall to aspire to Deirdre's glamour!. Thanks guys.

So having shared all that with you I just want to finish by saying thank you thank you thank you to Niall, James and Matthew for yet again bringing us such a wonderful, fantastic, meaningful collection of songs to play on repeat over and over and over again.