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2005-09-15 In-Store-Signing Celtic Note

reviewed by Beate


I don't know which connection the Celtic Tenors have with the weather gods, but it is pouring rain today and I am actually wet from walking just the few steps from cab rank back to the office... Oh well. Just back from a very nice form of lunchtime entertainment (would swap THAT for the usual lunch break stuff any time) - the lads just did a "signing with singing" in The Celtic Note CD shop in Nassau Street today.


The shop was not too full when they started their mini concert, but they surely attracted quite a lot of people passing on the street and lots of them were coming in. They did "Here, There and Everywhere", "Angel of Mercy", "You raise me up", "Non Siamo Isole", and "All our of Love", the last one for the first time without Air Supply's support and I have to say, the Celtic Tenor only version is pretty cool! I liked it - and so did the crowd around me! Hopefully they will include this in their upcoming concerts!


I tried to take some pictures, too, but it's a tiny shop and with all the movement of the people in front of me, I am not quite sure will they turn out.


They did a meet of greet/signing afterwards, and really took their time for talking to the people, had their picture taken, and such. As far as I got it, there were also some people from the radio there, for a short interview.


It really really looks as if "We are not Islands" is off for a good start!