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2005-12-31 Cork, Opera House

reviewed by Rianne


After the intro by Pzazz Martin Quinn and David entered the stage, and David was wearing the jacket that John wants us to rob for him. Not for long though, for after James had introduced him as "our fantastic musical director, even if he is totally demented" David took off the jacket and, to John's horror, threw it aside. Luckily, someone was there to put it away.


Because it was New Year's Eve, we obviously had to keep track of time, so the guys had a clock on stage. After the first song or two Matthew suggested everybody should syngronise their watches to this clock, but that clock promptly broke a song later. They found another one, and kept checking that all through the night. Mr. Harding was ordered to also keep track of time for them.


Here's the night's playlist. I can't promise it's completely correct (I took it off the stage after the concert, but they spent a lot of time joking around and preparing for 12 o'clock and didn't sing all of the songs on the list):


- The Star of the County Down
- The Wild Rover
- Here, There & Everywhere
- Nella Fantasia (with Donna)
- O Mio Babbino Caro (Donna)
- Libiamo (with Donna)
- Non Siamo Isole
- La Danza
- You Raise Me Up
- Phil The Fluter's Ball
- break -
- Ireland's Call
- Remember Me/Requerdame
- Sit Down (You're Rocking The Boat)
- The Contender
- Katie (with Donna)
- Spanish Lady
- Danny Boy (short version)
- Time To Say Goodbye (with Donna)


I was especially delighted to hear "The Contender", because it is only the 2nd time in 10 concerts that I have heard that live, and it is one of my absolute favorites. At the beginning of the concert, Niall had brought a cluster of balloons on stage, and during 'Time To Say Goodbye' he handed them out to everyone on the stage. Matthew tied one to Martin Quinn's guitar and one to David's glasses (which thankfully stayed on nonetheless).


Then there was a countdown, in which the audience got to its feet. The guys and Donna were joined by the girls from Pzazz and they all sang "Auld Lang Syne" (did I spell that right??), and practically the entire audience sang along. Niall opened a bottle of champagne and Anja and Beate came on stage with champagne glasses. Everyone in the audience was wishing each other Happy New Year, whether they knew each other or not, and then the guys launched into a long line of encores.


- Whiskey In The Jar
- The Banks (a song about the river Lee, which runs through Cork)
- All Out Of Love


- the naughty (but hilarious) a cappella version of "Galway Bay"

I can't think of a better way of spending my New Year's Eve than in that 2nd row of the Cork Opera House, watching our tenors at their best. They were in an even better mood than usual, and constantly made the audience laugh. They were very enthusiastic and practically took over singing "The Banks". :-)