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2005-12-20 Dublin, NCH and Sligo Cathedral

reviewed by Beate


I thought I would at least come back with a short report on the National Concert Hall and on the Sligo concert yesterday evening. As I type this, I am back home in Germany, and it seems kind of unreal that I have been in Sligo Cathedral a mere 24 hours ago!

Anyway, lets start with the National Concert Hall gig. It was almost sold out, and the tenors were in great form. I am sorry I do not have a tracklist, I was actually enjoying the concert so much that I did not write the songs down, but I hope someone else has!

Opening for the tenors were Pzazz  a group of four girls, dressed in stunning red dresses. I did have the impression they were quite nervous when they started off, and having said that, a sold-out audience in the National Concert Hall must be very frightening! They sang four songs and I especially liked one of them, titled John Conollys daughter. Conolly was badly wounded in the Easter Rising, and the song tells the story of his wife and daughter visiting him on the evening before his execution is to take place.

Then the tenors took the stage, and my personal highlights of the night  well. Angel of Mercy was back in the programme, and dedicated to Holly Morris and her family, who were in the audience. It was also the first time for me to hear Donna Malone perform with them, and isnt that a stunning voice? I loved her duet with James, All I ask of you. Another return (greatly appreciated, Niall, and stunning as usual) was Caruso. And last but not least, the Christmas carols  especially Adeste Fideles, as I had never heard that one live before. The whole audience was singing along and it was a very cheery atmosphere!

Of course the tenors received a standing ovation, and afterwards needed about an hour for the long, long queue that had formed in front of the signing table!

On to Sligo Cathedral yesterday  the tickets said A festival of Christmas carols, and in the second half, it was! The complete track list from Sligo reads as follows:

Irelands Call
Wild Rover (with Matthew and James switching their verses at the beginning! Very apt, James playing the prodigal son in his hometown.)
Angel of Mercy
Nella Fantasia
O mio bambino caro (Donna)
La Danza
Non Siamo Isole
Here, there and everywhere
You raise me up
the Fluter

Three songs by Sligo Orpheus Choir
O Holy Night (with Choir)
What child is this
Adeste Fideles (with Choir and audience)
Silent Night
of Angels (with Choir)
All I ask of you (Donna and James)
Whiskey in the Jar
Danny Boy
Remember me
Time to say goodbye
White Christmas
All out of love

The Cathedral was a breathtaking venue for that concert, the acoustics were great, and the Christmas carols were a very special treat. Especially Voice of Angels with the Choir made a very lasting impression!

James dedicated Remember me to his sister Linda and her family. He told the audience about the accident she had early this year, and about her severe injuries, and that she has thankfully recovered and is doing well, and it was a very emotional moment.

And finally, when they did All out of love, or rather the second they finished it, I thought the roof of the Cathedral would come down, such was the response of the audience.

It was a great night in a great setting, with a great Choir to support them, and their own fantastic voices dont need to be especially mentioned here!

Forgive me that this is shorter than usual, I am very tired as I type this  I had to go back from Sligo to Dublin right after the concert in order to catch my plane in the morning, and then it was a loooooong drive home to my parents home with all other people going home for Christmas around me!