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2005-12-13 Helmond

reviewed by Veronika


The aaaaahs and oooohhhhhhs while walking into the theatre were about the fantastic interior which were red and yellow stripes of fabric on the side area, in the overstage area and neatly draped into perfect bows of lose folds and pleats all up to the domed roof!


I could not take away my eyes,let them wander all over, and just as I was imagining that there would be lots of dust in all the curtains before too long, and just as I was worrying about the acoustics all being swallowed by the fabric I detected, in the pale green light of an emergency exit light..the pores in the concrete...and only now I realised that all the fabric and curtains and folds and bows were painted to the dome and overstage and everywhere else! It was a perfect illusion to the eyes , and a breathtaking view! The acoustics were wonderful after all, as I soon could hear with 'Ireland's Call' coming from the 'curtains', to be followed by Caledonia, Spanish Lady, and, it is in your knowledge that I don't remeber the order....The playlist had only a few changes from the other concert we have read about in recent days. I enjoyed every song again from my fine seat in the third row and felt: this was Christmas for me!!!!!

Niall's foot seemed to be much better, he did not need a stool and some of his highly appreciated dancing steps were even back on stage with him.

The Widow Cafferty was in great form again, but I was really worrying about Mr. Monro as The Widow was heavily leaning on him, bending down his head so his nose was almost on the keys of his piano!We heard MAtthew reprimanding Mrs. Cafferty for using some very rude words in Dutch which she innocently pretended to have picked up in the Helmond Streets earlier that day! She soon was dancing again, and Niall tried to spy under her silver waistcoat where the operation had been done.


You see, the lads were in good and easy going form again.I really don't know how they manage to keep up that good mood night after night over all these weeks now, and still sing so beautifully. I know it is hard work.


There was a most heartgoing version of Here There and Everywhere again, Danny Boy and finally Stille Nacht were alomost too much for me this time and I was so taken away!


White Christmas in the encores gave the audience a chance again to sing along, and everbody tried their best, even I....until very much to my surprise Matthew stepped down from the stage, sat down in the empty seat next to me and held the microphone right under my nose, trying to force me to sing !!!!! Fortunately I had one of my sudden attacks of shyness again. And I know what the Dutch take if you drive too fast in their country...but God knows what they take for bad singing in the public! I resisted, the Celtic voices kept their natural beauty, unmingled with mine...and I was rewarded later with a beautiful bunch of Matthew's stage flowers which he handed to me after the show. He'd never have done it, I am afraid, if he had heard me sing!


During the break and after the show I chatted with Margaret who comes to all concerts in the Netherlands!! A very loving and faithful fan and friend to the boys. I had a lovely chat with Deirdre as well, and later with each of the boys, and then it was very quickly time to wish Merry Christmas and...for me, say goodbye until next year!


There are many lucky ones out there who will see them next week in the NCH in Dublin, and other places of the Irish Tour. I wish you all a very pleasant time and much fun and joy at the concerts, and don't forget to let us know all the bits and pieces and highlights and impressions!


One thing I want to add: my colleagues who went to the Nijmegen concert with me are both fascinated, The Celtic Tenors were the main topic in our teachers' meeting room, The CDs are playing and playing, many more colleagues want to come next year...and I did what I never did before: I lent my HOLY tape of their German TV show to one of them,and I have several further orders! So James, you HAVE to come back to Nijmegen next year, or some other place around here, we'll get nearer to sold out than this time!!!!!


Bye for tonight from a very exhausted now ( They did not sing O holy night in Helmond, I miss my energy push)