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2005-12-10 Breda

reviewed by Beate


The pre-run to the Breda concert was& lets say a little different. In a last-minute decision, the auditoriums in the venue had been changed for the tenors, so that all seat reservations on the tickets were no longer valid. Very annoying for a group of eight!!! And then the concert was supposed to be at 8.30 and the doors of the auditorium did not open until 8.25, but I was past wondering at that stage. And sure enough, we managed to end up on extremely good seats!

As in Amstelveen, the guys came out to Irelands Call, and as we found ourselves in the front row this time, we had feverishly collected the remaining chocolate money for that second song to come, you know which one. However, slight change to the tracklist, the second song was Will ye go, Lassie, go! Which did not only confuse us, but apparently Matthew as well, or other he loves that song very much, because if the others would have let him, he would have repeated it right away! As Rianne and John have told already, James and Niall stopped him in his tracks, and Matthews Oh my, and I started off so promising& was priceless! Just to be on the safe side, James stage-whispered the first line of the right song to him& and he was back on track!

Wild Rover was funny. Store chocolate money in the first row without the guys seeing it, but have it handy on request. Means: keep it in your hand at least for the beginning of the song. Chocolate money, let me tell you, does not take that really well. Surely enough, James approached Anjas mom and then could not collect the offered money fast enough from her, my mom, Anja, Rianne and myself. We had a good laugh about it and sure enough, James shared his prey with the others. Now during Nialls verse, he wanted to present the 10 sovereigns bright. Unfortunately, the coin kind of wilted when he held it up& all those hands and lights, much too warm!

On they went with Fionnghuala and Spanish Lady, before Deirdre joined them for Nella Fantasia and then did her solo, She moved through the fair. After Libbiamo came Non Siamo Isole, no changes there, and Dublinia, and Remember me wrapped up the first half.

During the break I got a first chance to ask my Mom and Dad how they liked it. Okay, I could judge a lot from their faces during the concert, but I still wanted to hear their opinion. Needless to say, they were absolutely thrilled. No matter how much I had told them before, I think, they had to be there to see the real thing in order to know. The venue made up for the ticket confusion by providing free food and drinks, and we spent the break chatting away and trying not to give too much away about the second part at the same time& where there was another special surprise in store for our parents, they just did not know yet!

The lads returned with Grenada and went on to Mull of Kintyre, and Here, there and everywhere. With that one came the first dedication of the evening, they dedicated that song to an Irish friend who had just flown over, and in fact saw his first Celtic Tenor gig that night. After The Prayer, Once in a very blue moon was dedicated to John, and then Whiskey in the jar was for the youngest Celtic Tenor Fans in the room, Amelie, Madeleine and Justin. Caledonia was followed by Danny Boy and Phil the Fluter saw the usual action.

On to Silent Night  and a dedication to both Anjas and my parents. Mom later told me she did not believe her ears when she heard James say all the names  but all of them were very delighted!

And again& it was Time to say goodbye. Not quite though, there was White Christmas to follow and again, the Christmas Market in Amsterdam had presented us with an idea to support the festive mood& everyone from our group was wearing Christmas hats with flashing Santas (we were later told that it looked very lovely in the semi-dark audience area).

Final encore of the evening was All out of love  stunning as usual.

The concert was over much too soon, but of course the lads all came out to the lobby for the meet and greet. Mom and Dad actually took my arm and marched me along from Deirdre to all the tenors so that I could translate how much he liked it and how much they had enjoyed the show. And of course they got their brandnew CD signed! Needless to say, they did have a very happy daughter that night!