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2005-12-09 Amstelveen

reviewed by Beate


For the concert in Amstelveen, our seats were in row 9, but as Rianne has already said, we could change to the front row during the break. It was both neck-breaking and knee-crushing but hey, who cared!

The Amstelveen concert started off with Irelands Call  which I personally dont like too much, especially not as a start-off, Star of the county down is doing a far better job there in my opinion. But the mikes were back, so I think all the changes between Amsterdam and Amstelveen were somehow linked to that. Wild Rover was the second song, and Christel who sat in the first row had gone there prepared with some chocolate money. Sure enough, she presented it to James when he asked for credit, and his disappointed its only chocolate& uttered in between two verses almost threw Niall off track when he had to start singing. James had passed on the money to him at that stage, and Niall, being well into his verse by now, tried to unwrap the chocolate, and failed. He almost missed a line chuckling and everyone in the audience laughed.

On they went with Bheir mi o and Fionnghuala (guess what, the Amstelveen audience did not pick that one up either!), You raise me up and Spanish Lady. Hm. What is a way to say that diplomatically, Matthew? Let me put it like this: if the Spanish Lady keeps brushing her hair like that, she will not have a lot left to brush in the very foreseeable future&

Deirdre joined the lads for Nella Fantasia and this time David did accompany her on the piano to She moved through the fair. The rest of the tracklist was exactly as the day before  Libbiamo, Non siamo isole, Dublinia (a little softer this time, but still a choir!), Will ye go, Lassie, go and Remember me.

We did not go out during the break, but had a lot of fun getting settled in row one, which had been almost empty when the lads left the stage  and was full to the last seat when they returned! Starting off with Granada, they made their way to Mull of Kintyre. Oh yesssssssss! It surely is even nicer in the front row& ;-). Here there and everywhere was followed by The Prayer and Once in a very blue moon. Whiskey in the jar was the usual crowd-pleaser, Caledonia and Danny Boy led back to more silent grounds, before Phil the Fluter brought lots of laughter. And a few more Dutch words which seem to be indispensable on the streets of Amsterdam?

Silent Night and Oh Holy Night formed the Christmas part again, before it was Time to say goodbye. And sure enough, the standing ovation came, as it had the day before, and probably the day before&

The tenors and Deirdre returned to do White Christmas, and what I really like is that every time, they design the intro verse for the city in which they are, and for the current date  it is much appreciated by the audience! They invited everyone to sing along  well actually, thinking about it, this should read requested, as they were actually putting the mikes right under certain noses. Nice try, but fortunately there was still the possibility to sink down in the seat and as the stage was very high and a certain foot was still sore, none of this members sounds actually made it out of row one. Trust me, or ask the neighbours, its better this way!

What was still to follow was a brilliant rendition of All out of love  with contradicting instructions what they wanted us, the audience, to do, so that I assume it must have looked quite funny from the stage. Not that it irritated the tenors one bit, the song was sparkling and grand as usual!

They took a lot of time again for the signing in the lobby, met a lot of people, had many pictures taken with them, and from what I could see, sold many CDs.

All in all, another very entertaining evening!