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2005-12-10 Breda

reviewed by Rianne


When you're going to a Celtic Tenors concert, you can count on having a great time. It becomes all the better if you have special friends to share it with. In my case, those special friends were Anja, Beate and most specifically Lord John Harding. He and I had great fun even before the concert started, for after a very annoying and stressful few hours in which we had lost our seats and both John and Beate's parents were delayed (John's plane was held in London because of the fog in Amsterdam, and Beate's parents missed their train and had to wait two hours!! for the next one), John and I somehow managed to end up in the same train. How? John had boarded it in Leiden (having taken the train there from Schiphol Airport) and I boarded it in Schiedam, not knowing John was on it as well until he sent me a text message saying that he had just stopped at Schiedam, which he knew is where I live. I immediately sent him a text message saying that this had to mean we were on the same train (at that time, there was only one train going from Schiedam to Breda), but unfortunately, John had just switched off his phone and didn't receive it. I went looking for him, but with all my luggage (a trolley suitcase, a shoulder bag and the big BIG case holding the Christmas envelopes) it was kind of hard to walk through the moving train, so I gave up. A little later, when the ticket collector came along, I asked him if he had happened to come across an Englishmen with gre- OH, sorry, silver!! - hair and a pair of glasses, and he said that he hadn't yet, but would look out for him. And sure enough, about ten minutes later I got a message from John that said he was on his way over. So the last 15 minutes of our train trip we spent together. :-)


Once we had checked into our hotel, we went out to buy flowers for Deirdre (we got a really pretty pink bouquet) and to get a cup of coffee. At around six, Anja, Beate and their parents finally arrived, and after having something to eat at Subway's we went to change and headed for the venue. There we met Peter and Rob of Peter Boone Music Promotions. I have already described the auditorium we were in, and here is the playlist:


- Ireland's Call
- Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go
- Wild Rover
- Fionnghuala
- You Raise Me Up
- Spanish Lady
- Nella Fantasia
- She Moved Through The Fair
- Libiamo
- Non Siamo Isole
- Dublinia
- Remember Me
- Granada
- Mull Of Kintyre
- Here, There and Everywhere
- The Prayer
- Once In A Very Blue Moon
- Whiskey In The Jar
- Caledonia
- Danny Boy
- Phil The Fluter's Ball
- Silent Night
Oh Holy Night
White Christmas
- All Out Of Love




- After "Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go", Matthew did the introduction of the next song, which was supposed to be "The Wild Rover", but promptly started out singing "Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go" again!! James stepped forward and very quietly informed him "Eh.... I think you already had that one...". I have to hand it to Matthew, he took it well, given the fact that all the fans in the front row were under their chairs laughing, and his dear colleagues didn't keep a straight face either. Then, when Matthew wanted to start off with "The Wild Rover" for real, James stepped forward again and very quietly whispered to him "I've been a wild rover....". We did get to the end of the song eventually, but most of us were still giggling all the way through it....


- When, after singing "The Prayer" with Matthew, Deirdre wanted to introduce "Once In A Very Blue Moon", the guys made a show of supporting Niall on the way to his chair (which he didn't really need help with, though he did use the chair more this time than he did in Amstelveen), and Deirdre stopped her introduction to remark that "Oh, they have to upstage me....again!". Then, David chipped in to ask if "The Prayer" was on her new CD, which she said it is(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). The new album should be out soon, they're just putting the finishing touches to it. After that, she dedicated the song to John, thanking him for the flowers. :-)


Anything more....? Can't really think of it right now, so I will leave it to the others to fill in the blanks. Now it's on to my last concert for now, which is the one in Spijkenisse, where I will be taking my mum and grandparents. Looking forward to it already :-)