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2005-12-07 Naaldwijk, NL

reviewed by Rianne


Just back from my first of the Dutch concerts: Naaldwijk. I had told my friend Elly, who had FINALLY found the time to come with me, all about the tenors. I bragged about them, so in order to surpass or even meet expectations, they would have to be perfect....

And they were. They were in great form, funny as always, looked cute as a button in all of their outfits. The concert started off with "Ireland's Call". After that, Niall went to sit on a chair, because his foot was still bothering him. His explanation to the audience was (roughly): "As you can see the other guys are wearing nice shiny shoes, and I am not. I sprained my ankle, and my nice shiny shoes are too tight. That's why I won't be able to dance the way I normally do." -"Ah yes", Matthew added, "Normally he does handstands and everything!"

The ice was broken, the public was giggling, and they went on to the next song. I forgot to bring a notepad, so I can't give you an exact chronological list of the songs, but next came "You Raise Me Up" (made famous by Josh Groban, whose name, according to Niall, made everyone in Canada go "Aaaaahhhhh"  admiringly  and he made us practice that.)

After that, but don't ask me in what order:
- Caledonia
- Nella Fantasia (with Deirdre in a drop dead gorgeous red and black dress)
- Non Siamo Isole
- Remember Me
- The Wild Rover
- Mull Of Kintyre
- Granada
- The Prayer (Matt and Deirdre)
- Once In A Very Blue Moon
- Phil The Fluter's Ball
- Danny Boy
- Silent Night (in three languages!!),
- Oh Holy Night
Time To Say Goodbye
The encores were:
- White Christmas (with Deirdre and the entire audience)
- All Out Of Love.
And to my surprise and  of course  delight the trilingual Silent Night was dedicated to Christel, a fan who had come all the way from Berlin, and ME!! I couldn't believe it, but my friend was even more surprised: she couldn't stop laughing, and nudged me on the arm as if to say "That's you!!"  like I didn't know;-)

Afterwards, in the foyer, after thanking them for the dedication and introducing my friend as I had promised her I would, I asked Niall just what had happened with that foot. As it turns out, he was carrying boxes into his new apartment and took a wrong step. His ankle made a nasty sound, and now it still aches. Which is indeed even more unpleasant for a singer than it is for anyone else, because you constantly have the tendency to cringe from the pain, and you can't do that  at least not audibly  when you're singing.... So indeed: POOR Niall. But he said it would probably get better in a few days.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see Deirdre and David post-concert, so no, Mr. Harding, I didn't get the chance to grab that jacket for you!;-)

The guys are enjoying their time in Amsterdam so far. They are staying in a hotel in the city centre, and have the mornings off, so this tour isn't quite as tiring as the North American one.

All in all, it was a GREAT night for everyone there. Elly and I had great seats, in 5th row, which was closer to the stage than I had thought. She was very enthusiastic as well, she thought the concert was brilliant and the guys were adorable :-)

Now as for my photo's: I made lots of them, but they didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. The problem was that the theatre was quite dark (so the photo's have turned out a little dark as well), and I couldn't use the flash because
B. Strictly speaking, taking pictures inside the theatre wasn't allowed. I had to be sneaky in taking them anyway  after all, I had promised a forum full of fans to take pictures - and my flash has a way of getting noticed....

Still, some of them turned out pretty good. And I will get another chance in Amstelveen, where I will be in the 2nd row....

It's really late now, so I'm just going to relive the concert in my dreams..... On to the next one!!:-)