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2005-12-03 Waalwijk, NL

reviewed by Ute


If i should tell you about the concert in a few words I would say: The concert was great, terrific, superb, highclassed and full of emotion. The boys looked handsome, likeable, georgeous!!


Now my full version: (Be prepared, it's long) After a very delicious meal in our hotel, Uli and I walked to the theatre. It didn't matter that the weather wasn't pleasant, because we only had a five-minutes-walk. The theatre was very nice and the atmosphere among the waiting people was friendly.


At a quarter to eight we could finally enter the hall. The boys appeared on the stage singing 'Whiskey in the jar', followed by 'Wild Rover'. The next songs were (not sure if I leave one or if the order is correct) 'Will ye go, lassie go, 'Mary from Dungloe', 'Fionnghuala', 'Bheir mi o', 'Nella Fantasia', 'A very blue moon' (Matthew + Deidre), 'Molly Malone', 'Ring a rosie'(?), 'You raise me up', 'What child is this' (with the tune of Greensleeves), 'Silent night'. After 'Remember me' there was the break.


During the break I was talking with two women about the concert. The only thing the first woman said was: "Great voices - a fantastic concert!" The second woman told me she hasn't known the Celtic Tenors before but had quickly a relationship to them because her mother had been Irish and because she's Scottish. I told her that I supposed them singing 'Mull of Kintyre' and she said that would be great, because she loves this song very much.


After the break the boys appeared wearing their new long suits with short waistcoats under it and white shirts. I don't have to tell you how they looked like!


And - guess what they sung? 'Mull of Kintyre'! I think the woman I've talked to was very happy now. The next songs were 'Here, there and everywhere', 'Caruso', 'The prayer' (Matt + Deidre), 'We are not islands', 'Galway bay', 'Caledonia', 'Dany Boy', 'Phil the fluter's ball', 'Oh holy night' and then it was 'Time to say goodbye' with beautiful Deidre again. The encore songs were 'White Christmas' and 'All out of love', singing with the whole audience.


During the a cappella songs 'Dany boy', the Christmas songs and Deidre's and Matths' 'A very blue moon' there was a very quiet, wonderful mood in the audience, no coughing, moving or commotion in the room only those wonderful, harmonical voices and opened ears everywhere.


During the concert the contact between the boys and the audience was close because they made jokes, danced, whistled and laughed with the people - they are great entertainers indeed!


At the end of the concert Niall talked to a woman in the first row because she always laughed at him and tried to shake hands. James said: 'This must be Ute'. I nearly couldn't believe my ears, he mentioned my name, but this wasn't me!


After the concert Uli and I tried to reach the boys. I wanted to have my new cd signed and wanted to have a talk with them. After a while it was our turn. I said: 'Hi, I'm Ute from the fan-club' and we all started to laugh because I wasn't that lady from the first row, not so blond hair and not so young! It was so wonderful to have the first personal talk with them and they really seemed to be happy to see us, a very warm welcome indeed! A little bit later we left them because other fans were still waiting.


A few bad personal things I have to add now, too: - My camera didn't work at all - The concert was over too early (I always think so) - They didn't sing 'Ten thousand tears' - Our computer was totally broken down when we arrived at home next day but now it works again.


After all, it was a great evening. I cannot tell you my favourite songs, because this would be a list, too. I must confess I enjoyed the short conversation with the lads as much as the whole concert!


Hugs to you all and especially to Niall, Matthew and James