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2005-09-09 Trim

reviewed by Heike


After having read the newsletter regularly for a year, I would now like to contribute a report myself, for the story I have to tell is really unbelievable.

We had planned a holiday in Ireland past September, and we had hoped that during our four-week tour over the island we might perhaps catch a concert of the Celtic Tenors, but then we learned that there would only be concerts in Ireland at the end of the year, and as there were no concerts planned in Germany either, we purchased tickets for a concert in the Netherlands.

Well, even without concert tickets we were of course looking forward to the holidays.


Right in our first week, we visited Trim Castle, a huge ancient castle ruin close to Moynalthy, and close to where Matthew lives. There, at the entrance, we saw a poster advertising a Celtic Tenors concert in Trim Castle about a week later. We spontaneously decided to go and see the concert, but nobody there neither on the reception desk of the castle, nor in the tourist office  was able to tell us how and where to get tickets. The only thing we got was a phone number to call.

So, with my limited amount of English, I had to order the tickets via phone, and that was a big challenge, as the line was either constantly busy, or there was a recorded message. The concert was supposed to be on Friday and it was already Tuesday when I finally managed to get someone onto the phone, and after a lengthy discussion I managed to order two concert tickets, which we were supposed to get at the castle's gate before the concert on Friday.


We changed our whole travel schedule and returned to Trim Castle and how could it have been any different, it was pouring rain for the whole day.

In the evening, we stood in front of the gate and waited for the lady with the tickets, who only arrived 20 minutes before the concert. Finally we had our tickets and could enter the castle grounds.


What a background, the castle ruin, colourfully illuminated, and nestled into a corner a small stage! The concert was fantastic and the Celtic Tenors sang many famous songs, such as Whiskey in the Jar, The Star of the County Down, The Spanish Lady, Ireland's Call and also my favourite song, Caledonia. During Fields of Athenry, the whole audience was singing with them, and I really had goosebumps all over! The also sang three songs from their new CD. And of course, there was the usual banter and the Celtic Tenors joked as usual on stage, on that evening particularly about the weather, but the songs and the whole setting made me forget all the rain!! David Munro, too, was fantastic as usual.


This concert was the most impressive thing we have ever seen and probably will ever get to see! After all, the Celtics were doing this concert almost on their doorsteps.


The concert accompanied us throughout the rest of their holidays. During each walk and at every place we sang and hummed the songs.


The songs were very well-received by the audience and I hope that the three of them stick with their musical direction, because this is what makes the difference about them.


We will always remember this concert as a special concert. For it was not planned at all for us to attend, and everything happened so fastly!

Nevertheless, we are looking forward to the concert in the Netherlands...