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2005-11-02 Oakville

reviewed by John


flew back to the UK overnight, and although I am squeaky clean after a LOVELY shower, my eyes are stinging like crazy, but I'm still on a high after that wonderful concert.


Because I am at work on virtually no sleep, and since I am going away on business for 2 weeks tomorrow afternoon, I shall have to keep this short and sweet and just fill in the details as requested in the postings I have seen from Barb and Heather (in the hope that I haven't missed a filling-in already).


The coats there wore were indeed black, and velvet. Thick luxurious velvet. They are frock coats, and with bright brocade waistcoats (OK, vests), they look really stunning. And Matthew's vest was black embroidery on black, and magnificent.

David deserves a sartorial mention here - he has this sparkling black jacket (velvet yet again), and next time anyone sees him wearing it, mug him down some dark alley (he frequents those a lot) and rip it off him for me please. I'll pay the postage.

A musical comment. I ADORE every fibre of the delightful creature who is Deirdre (the one with the brother with the alleged ugly genes), and was intrigued at the prospect of hearing Donna for the first time. Donna, I am pleased to report, is a real charmer; because of her age, I felt it incumbent on me (I really could be her grandfather, so will the column writer please not use that word again?) to warn her not to be led astray by the others, most especially that Scottish man who plays the keyboard. Donna's voice is quite different to Deidre's (and please forgive the comparisons, but they are inevitable to die-hard CT fans) - where the latter is light as gossamer, Donna has far greater force of delivery because she has what I would categorise a more conventional soprano voice. The effect is that the songs they sing together as an ensemble have more weight to them - thus the guys also sing in a more traditional tenor manner. For James, who to my ears has the same sort of style to his delivery, this works perfectly in their duet, which bowled me over; I have felt for a while that there are a number of contemporary musical theatre songs which would lend themselves well to a CT concert. This was just one of those songs. Beautifully delivered in every respect, and it got the huge ovation it deserved.

I missed my own VERY special collaboration favourite, 'Once in a very blue moon', but was treated instead to another lovely song (a favourite, apparently, of Donna's father, and again popularised by Mary Black) called Katie. Veronika, it's another of those simple but very effective Irish sounding melodies which is irresistible, and you feel as though you've known it your whole life before you've heard it in its entirety just once. As with 'Moon', the backing vocals which the gentlemen provided were sublime, and they're starting to get that choreography together a little now too!

And finally, a special thanks to David, Niall, Matthew (for his 'warm and fuzzy' articulation), and especially James for yet another unforgettable and totally wonderful show. Roll on December.

I really hope I can get the pictures to you all (including the forbidden single stage one taken during the encore when I thought nobody would notice). The man next to me did, but since he had already wiped his shoes on my leg several times during the show, do you think this is a bothered face?