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2005-11-02 Oakville

reviewed by Barb


The mayor of Oakville, Ann Mulvale, gave the lads a very enthusiastic and warm welcome telling the audience that we were in for a toe tapping, hand clapping good time and indeed, from the first song, Star of the County Down to the last, All Out Of Love, the tenors and the audience lived up to the Mayor's prediction. The boys were in excellent form, bantering with and teasing each other and interacting with the audience from the beginning.


David, as always, was his usual brilliant self on the piano, and Donna was a lovely and strong presence in her role backing up the tenors (can she really only be 18!).


After the concert, there was a `meet and greet' with a chance for those who wished, to get autographs and chat with the tenors. John, MaryAnn, Heather and I stood chatting with each other, until the crowd abated, and then we were able to have our own chat and photo session with the lads.


There's so much more I could say about the concert itself, but I'll give the others a chance to give their views and if I can think of anything we have forgotten, will try to write more later.


Below is the song list from the concert


Song List:

Star of the county Down
You Raise Me Up
Nella Fantasia (with Donna)
O Mio Babbino Caro (Donna)
La Danza
Non Siamo Isole
Remember Me


Angel of Mercy
Here, There and Everywhere
Katie (Donna)
All I Ask of You (James and Donna)
Bheir Mi O
Whiskey in the Jar
Danny Boy
Time To Say Goodbye (with Donna)


Phil The Fluther's Ball
All Out of Love


Here are a few more snippets from the concert in Oakville on Nov. 2:


Angel of Mercy - a very touching introduction to this song was made by Niall as he explained the story of Holly. Tonight he dedicated the song to Jackie Miller, in whose honour the benefit concert was performed.


Several times James mentioned how special Oakville was, as this was the city where they performed their first ever Canadian concert in May 2002. This was their third outing here.


Matthew dedicated Here, There and Everywhere to his young son, Sean, who will be celebrating his third birthday on November 10.


Donna was proud to tell us that her father, mother, sister, and aunt & uncle were in Oakville attending the concert. The audience gave an appreciative hand to her family for travelling all the way to Canada.


Despite a pending hip replacement operation, the Widda Cafferty displayed some fine footwork in Phil The Fluther's Ball. :-))


Once again I have to say what a terrific job the tenors do with All Out Of Love. They have made this song their own and have received standing ovations from enthusiastic audiences both in Toronto and Oakville.


For the first half of the concert, the lads wore black jackets, black tee shirts and slacks. During the second half, they came out in their long, velvet (?) jackets and snazzy waistcoats, Niall's looked like a gold lame, James a silver and oh dear, I can't quite recall Matthew's (sorry Matthew!), I think it was dark blue or perhaps black. Maybe Heather can help me out here.


At one point, and I believe it was for the encores, the lads threw their jackets off and performed in those lovely, eye-catching waistcoats. We call them vests in North America, but Lord Harding tells me in Europe they are called waistcoats. I think in Europe vests are undershirts, and no they did not perform in their undershirts! :-)) Both encores received rousing, standing ovations.


During the intermission I stepped out for some air and chatted with some first time attendees to a CT concert. The lads received glowing comments, and it's always nice to be able to tell people all about them. Many in the audience had attended last year's benefit, but I do believe the lads garnered a lot of new fans on Wednesday evening.