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2005-03-18 Toronto Waterfall Stage, First Canadian Place

reviewed by Barb


The Celtic Tenors received a very warm and enthusiastic welcome from a lunchtime crowd in Toronto today at the Waterfall stage at First Canadian Place in the heart of the financial district.


I arrived at FCP around 11:30 and it took me a while to find Joyce and Zora. Joyce is a very special fan who has a background in public relations and has volunteered her time in helping the tenors with publicity. She designed some lovely programs with important biographical, management, and website information to make available to the crowd. Zora is a good friend of Joyce's and a new CT fan who has been helping Joyce with selling CDs. I hope I helped in some small way by designing some bookmarks with a photo and song on one side and website and management info on the other. Between us we had lots to give away and the crowd took it all!


We found a good spot to one side of the stage to make our base - thanks Zora for staying there and guarding coats, bags etc while Joyce and I roamed around taking photos and conversing with various people in the crowd. I was intending to write a list of songs that the lads performed but scrapped that idea in favour of the photos - hope they turn out!!!


The boys were to appear on stage at 12:15 and at the appointed time, Seamus O'Regan, one of the hosts of one of our national television morning shows, Canada AM, came out and introduced our lads. I can tell you that they sang for some 40 - 45 minutes and included such hits as Danny Boy, Fionnghuala, Star of the County Down, A Love So Beautiful, Nella Fantasia with the lovely Deirdre, and many more.


A special dedication of the song Caledonia was made by Niall to his Aunt Bernadette who lives right here in Ontario (Guelph) and to his 2 cousins Maria and Liam.


The boys also performed, for only the second time in concert, Non Siamo Isole. I just can't say enough about this song - it really is powerfully beautiful and showcases their talent wonderfully and the crowd loved it. In fact, after every single song, the crowd gave an enthusiastic round of applause! The last scheduled song was Time to Say Goodbye but the audience wouldn't let them leave until they did one encore, a rousing rendition of Ireland's Call.


It was then time for the boys to sign CDs that they had actually brought over themselves from Ireland - copies of all 3 (The Celtic Tenors, So Strong, and Irish Album). The good news is that all the CDs (around 100 I believe) were sold right away. Joyce, Zora and I were all able to chat to the lads, Deirdre and David after the signing. As always, they were gracious and grateful to see their fans in attendance and I think they were very pleased to see how well received they were by Toronto.


Just a couple of notes before I sign off.


I spoke with Seamus just as the lads finished the concert, telling him that he should have them on Canada AM to which he replied that it was a done deal. Sometime before the autumn tour in North America the lads will be on the show. This show is telecast from coast to coast in Canada so this is indeed good news!

We also met Richard Mills, their US and Canadian Agent, who told us that so far some 19 concerts have been booked Canada wide for the autumn as well as some US concerts. They will appear again in Oakville, this year on November 2nd - Anja and Ricky, you can mark that on the Fan Page. As I mentioned there are US concerts booked as well and Richard did mention one being in North Carolina (I believe he said around Oct 22 but can't recall the exact date or city). He is hoping to get us a list of all the concerts in the next month or so.


I'm sure I've forgotten all sorts of things but I've given you the highlights as I remember them. All in all, a wonderful afternoon in Toronto. Oh, the lads head home to Ireland tonight! Will post again if I can recall anything more of note.


Hugs, Barb