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2005-03-16 Elmsford, NY

reviewed by Maryann

Here I am last with my review, but the concert is, as always, very hard for me to adequately describe. Fortunately, the foregoing reviewers did a better job than I can, of both describing the events and capturing the beautiful, fun, bubbling, vivacious quality of whole evening. I apologize in advance to the Celtic Tenors that I can't say enough things about how beautiful they are. (I refer them to Kathy's review one more time, 'cuz hers is the shizzle.)

The Celtic Tenors sang many beautiful songs, including some of my very favorites, "Nella Fantasia," "Mary of Dunloe," and "The Fields of Athenry," and to hear those three songs live by the Celtic Tenors is enough reason to travel 500 miles. I get swept away by these and all of their beautiful songs, and forget all the details of the evening, because everything fades away all too soon …. I wish I could see this concert again and again so I could describe it more fully, but the moments slipped away all too soon, leaving only the echoes of the notes faintly resounding in the dusty hallways of what passes for my brain.

The new song was beautiful. I can't wait to hear it over and over when the CD is ready. Also, I had never heard the song with Mr. Gilsenan and Ms. Shannon where his verses are in Italian and hers are in English. It was beautiful, and her other songs "She Moved Through The Fair" and "Once in a Blue Moon" were very moving and beautiful. Mr. Morris singing "Caruso" is not be described in words. I don't even know what it says, but I had tears in my eyes anyway.

There were also a lot of fun Irish songs, which I loved hearing. I love how Mr. Gilsenan trips over things on stage and at the same time points at the thing he has just tripped on and yet he carries on majestically singing as though nothing has happened. Mr. Nelson's rendition of his solo was truly hysterical, as always. And at Phil the Fluter's Ball, there was a rare cameo appearance by Little Crooked Paddy himself. (After that, he had to leave again, because he left the car running, and he was anxious to remove it before the owner caught up with him.) 

I would like to apologize again for the unsatisfactory quality of this review – doesn't it seem like, all I can say is: it was beautiful, I loved it, I could listen to it for 3 days at a time, it went too fast, and I never, ever get tired of hearing "Nella Fantasia" or "The Fields of Athenry." But words have no currency in the realm where sing the Celtic Tenors.

Written with much love and excitement by Motor City Celt