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2005-03-16 Elmsford, NY

reviewed by Heather


Hi Everyone,


I promised earlier this week that I would send in a review of the concert from Elmsford New York. I have had to wait until today so that I could collect some of my thoughts on the concert. It was very emotional for me, but I loved every moment of it, believe me.


I also want to thank James for scaring the heck out of me during the concert. For those that weren't there, the boys were on stage singing 'Phil the Fluter' and for all those of you who have seen this song in person, it can get very animated at time....well this was one time where I least expected it to happen to me. I was so engrossed in writing down the songs for the fan club (see what I do for you guy's?) I didn't see James coming toward me until it was too late. The next thing I knew, James was sprawled out on the ledge in front of my table, singing in my ear! I would have swooned but there was no room. I think that both Barb and Neecey thought they would have to rush me to emergency because I was beginning to hyperventilate. But John's right, even though it looked BR like I was mortified, I loved every minute!! :-) I have include the list of songs below that were sung at the concert;


Act 1

County Down
Mary from Dungloe
Nella Fantasia
The Prayer (with Deirdre and Matthew)
Brindisi (Verdi)
'O sole mio ( or as James likes to refer to it as 'Oh My Solo'!)
Vienna Mine,


Act 2


Spanish Lady/Marie's Wedding
Dublinia- Dicey Reilly/Waxie's Dargle/Molly Malone The Rare Aul'times
Fields of Anthenry
Non Siamo Isole (which by the way, was the 1st time ever sung live in concert!)
Just once in a very blue moon - sung by Deirdre
She moved through the Fair - Deirdre
Whiskey in the Jar
Danny Boy
Time to say Goodbye!



Encore - Phil the Fluter! ;-)))


Thank you to the Celtic Tenors, Deirdre and David, you made last Wednesday evening a night to remember for this grateful fan. I wish you much success on your North American Tour this coming autumn.

All my love, Heather