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2005-03-16 Elmsford, NY

reviewed by Kathy


There is an old saying, "See Naples and die." The origins of this saying are obscure and perhaps unsavory but I have always liked to think it meant that once you have seen Naples, and its beautiful bay, you could die happy.


A long time ago a man named Caruso was born in Naples. He lived and sang in New York but went home to Naples to die. Last Wednesday, I heard a man named Morris sing about that man from Naples and now I am oficially changing that saying to, "Hear Niall sing Caruso and die." And you can die happy after having heard this. Either that, or the beauty and emotion of Niall will make you hang on for dear life, just so you can hear it again. It is not often that I am without words. Unfortunately, they flow from me like lava from Vesuvius, another Naples landmark, but Niall singing Caruso is like nothing you can imagine unless you can hear it. Niall singing anything is like nothing you can imagine. And he just gets more handsome every year. He is like a Greek God on stage. Picture Adonis singing.


Matthew's voice is solid gold. Every year in America some magazine runs the "Sexiest Man Alive Award." You know that thing that Jude Law won this year. I think they let anyone vote and so this year I am sending in Matthew Gilsenen's name. The win is guaranteed. All I have to do is send his picture and his cd and he will garner a double honor as "The Sexiest Man and Voice Alive." His voice is like Irish coffee, smooth and dark and penetrating. Very warm going down. And then you want more.


And now the tenor I have saved for last. James sang and the earth moved. His voice rocked my world with power and beauty..... let me put it this way, in the United States we would call it "shock and awe." I was not prepared for this. James is liquid silver set to music. His voice rings and echoes and shouts to the world in unleashed glory. And he is gorgeous and his arm and body are like a rock. Swimming pays off. He is commanding and magnificent. Hearing the Celtic Tenors sing live is like watching Michaelangelo sculpt David. "He saw an angel in the stone and he carved to set in free." They saw a song written in notations and scibbles and they sang to set it free. And they set it free and it soared like an eagle.


Special attention must be paid to Deirdre and David. They are magnificent and Deirdre sings like an angel and looks like one.