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2005-03-16 Elmsford, NY

reviewed by Barb


I have arrived home happy but very tired and not sure I can do justice to the wonderful concert last night, so for now I will include only a few highlights with more to follow hopefully by others who were in attendance.


Really, half the pleasure of attending a Celtic Tenor concert is the pleasure of being with friends who share the joy of the music of our tenors as well as getting to know each other better and finding other common interests.


As for the concert itself - the number one highlight for me was the premiere concert performance of Non Siamo Isole, my new favourite song. Matthew was more than able to fill in the Brian Kennedy part and Niall ... well this song really showcases Niall's vocal abilities, simply spendid, sending chills along the spine! And I cannot leave out James whose contribution simply completes the beauty of this song. Bravo to the three of you!!!


The tenors performed some of their operatic pieces from their celebration of the world's greatest tenors tour of last year. Both Heather and I had emailed Niall to ask if he would perform Caruso. Whether it was already planned or Niall generously put this into the program for us, we both wish to thank him for a superb performance. One has to remember that most North Americans had not heard Niall singing Caruso before and I am very pleased that it will be included in the new CD.


As John mentioned in his review, Deirdre sang Once In A Blue Moon and it was as enchanting as Deirdre is herself. She is such a sparkling presence on stage and compliments the tenors perfectly.


And I can't leave out David and his outstanding performance in musical direction and accompanying the tenors on the piano. What a talent! Thank you, David!


There are many more highlights and I'm sure others will be posting. Incidentally our wonderful Secretary Celt, Heather, kept track of all the songs when not being distracted by a certain tenor and his playful flirtations (see John's review). :-)) When Heather is able, I'm sure she will post as well.


I will be seeing the tenors once again, tomorrow in Toronto, and will post a little something about the promotional gig.


Hugs to All



PS - Almost forgot - what concert would be complete without tenor hugs and squooshes and charming chat at the meet and greet after? Our lads did not disappoint. A big thank you to James, Niall and Matthew as well as Deirdre and David for a marvelous evening!


PPS - Lots of photographs taken.... will post some as soon as they are available. Even James took some snaps so perhaps he'll send us the results of his photographic abilities (hint!).