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2006-03-11 Boston, Celtic Tenors special guests of The Chieftains

reviewed by Betty


Wow! What a concert! The lads only sang one song, The Star of the County Down, as James had previously said but they did great. I was hoping they would do a second one, but no such luck. James promised after the show that they would be back in Boston later this year (he didn't know when or where) and I would eventually be able to hear a complete concert. The song was chosen by the Chieftains, according to James.


The concert was in Symphony Hall which has very good acoustics. The lads appeared in the second half of the show. Wendy asked me if I was sure they were going to appear since their names weren't on the program, and there was no publicity about the concert (even for the Chieftains), but I was sure they would be there. They were dressed in their black velvet coats and looked very handsome. They were well received by the audience.


I had never seen the Chieftains perform in concert, but they had a great show - lots of toe-tapping, hand-clapping songs. Each member of the group did a solo in addition to the group songs. They also had some great step dancers, bag-pipers, and guests on the harp, fiddle, and guitar.


However, the group that stole the show, in my opinion, were the Cottars from Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. They blew me away! They consist of 2 sets of brother/sister and are very talented. They can sing, dance, and play multiple instruments each. I first met them about 5 years ago at a John McDermott concert (former Irish Tenor) when they were 11-13 years old and I was very impressed with them at that time. They recently released their third CD.

Before the last encore by the Chieftains (I don't know the name of the song), they announced that it was traditional for people to join hands and dance along. Well, many people in the audience joined in and danced up and down the aisles. Niall was among them, and he looked like he was having a wonderful time! I asked him later if he was doing any of the fancy footwork like the step dancers, but he said no. James and Matthew did not join in, apparently.

We waited outside the door to backstage after the show until they let us in. Everyone else was there to see the Chieftains, but we found the lads and were able to spend a few minutes talking with them and getting our squooshes.

It was a wonderful evening, and I enjoyed the whole concert very much. I can't wait until the next time the lads come to Boston. I hope it is soon. Until then I will enjoy the new CD (I have played very little else since it arrived less than 2 weeks ago).