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2006-12-31 Cork Opera House

reviewed by Rianne


Okay, it's almost 1pm in Cork City, and since almost all the stores here are closed for New Year's Day and there is not much else to do before I have to go to the airport and see if my flight is still going - we've had some VERY bad weather here, with rain and winds you wouldn't believe - I thought I'd look up an Internet cafe and tell you all about the New Year's Eve concert 2006. :)

Unfortunately, there weren't as many "fanclub fans" there as there were last year.


The concert was not sold out, and from our seats in 4th and 5th(!!) row we noticed that there were a few empty seats in the first row - do I need to tell you where we were after the interval?? :)


But down to business: this concert contained two new variations on two songs we all know. First of all, there was "Ireland's Call", the 2nd verse of which was changed to "Munster's Call", which held up fine with a few other slight changes to the lyrics. And then there was the "fast-forward" version of "Caledonia". Our tenors started singing "Caledonia" about 4 minutes before midnight, and in order to make it to the countdown in time, they had to speed up the final chorus. Amazingly, they made it just in time to count down from 5 to the stroke of midnight!!!


And of course, this night held another special treat in that we had both our lovely Celtic Sopranos present. Deirdre and Donna were amazing as ever.

As for the songlist, I am pretty sure I have the order right up to the interval, but after that I lost track of the order and just put down as many songs as we could remember):


- Ireland's Call (with 2nd verse for Munster)
- You Raise Me Up
An Poc Ar Bhuile
- Bacarolle (with Deirdre)
- The Prayer (Deirdre and Matthew)
- Irish Rover
- The Wild Rover
- Ten Thousand Tears (with Donna)
- Libiamo (with Donna)
- Nessun Dorma
* interval *
- Remember Me
- Spanish Lady
- Nella Fantasia (with Donna)
- I Don't Want To Talk About It (Deirdre with vocal back-up from Martin Quinn)
- Still By Your Side
- Shenandoah
- Paddy McGinty's Goat
- Bring Him Home
Caledonia (fast-forwarded in the last chorus)
- Auld Lang Syne
- My Own Lovely Lee
- All Out Of Love
Time To Say Goodbye
- Ireland's Call (again, with 2nd verse for Munster


- Before singing "Nessun Dorma", the guys told the audience that they needed their help amd made them practice the "vocalising" part to make sure that they, according to the tenors "the most musical people in Ireland", would get it right - and man, did they get it right!!
- The tenors had a clock on the stage again (this time it didn't stop working), which James tried to turn back just before midnight "without anyone noticing"
- The squabbles over the "lady verse" in Paddy McGinty's Goat continue and keep getting better and better! :)
- "Bring Him Home" was dedicated to the fans who had come that night, which included Brid, Sandra and myself, and a gentleman named John (no, not our Lord John) who follows two bands religiously: The Celtic Tenors and Metallica - now how's that for contrast?? :)
- The fact that this concert took place in Cork, obviously meant the inclusion of that wonderful "Cork anthem" "The Banks (Of My Own Lovely Lee)", which the entire audience joined in on. Would our tenors please consider taking that OUT of Cork every now and then for those who can't make it to Cork (and for those like yours truly who would like to hear it more often)??
I missed the other "Cork song" "The Contender", though. It's one of my favourites, but I think the last time I heard Matthew sing it live was during last year's New Year's Eve concert. Better luck next time?
- Matthew proudly dedicated "Time To Say Goodbye" to Celestine, Sean and Grace. :)
- After midnight, Daryl told the audience that "this had been their best concert this year!"

Unfortunately, taking pictures wasn't allowed by the Opera House, so I only took them during the applauses so it wouldn't be noticed - we at the very least had to have one picture of the three tenors and our two lovely sopranos together, right?? ;) I will post them as soon as I get home tonight :)

All in all, this concert was well worth the effort of flying to Cork - despite the "bumpy" flight.