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2006-12-12 Englewood, Florida

reviewed by Stu


The show was a whole lot of fun!!! I was entertained from start to finish. The time flew by very fast, so that is always a good sign that you are enjoying yourself.

These fellas are very talented. Some of the best moments were when they were in their element, OPERA. I am not an opera lover, but I do appreciate the talent it takes to perform it, and these guys were up to the task. Then Deirdre came on the stage and I just melted. An incredible voice with incredible stage presence = Speechless Stu

I had a fantastic seat (2nd row center stage) and well, I really am speechless. There was a lot of banter between the guys, Deirdre and the audience. there were even some sing-alongs. I normally do not enjoy Christmas music, (sorry folks, heard it too many times) but when they did "Silent Night" I was mesmerized. They sang it in 3 part harmony, a capella, in German, Irish, and English. The song was very moving. When Deirdre and Mathew sang The Prayer" I'm not sure if there was a dry eye in the house. They sing that song so well together, I think Celine should retire that song from her reportoire, and let the real pros sing it. The show was over way too soon, but then I was blessed with the chance to meet everyone. I guess it wasn't too hard for them to figure out who I was, because I was the only person there under 65. (welcome to florida)

They were all so nice and kind, I felt like I knew them all for a long time. As it turns out Joyce (the merchandiser) lives in the same town I once lived in when I lived in MD This really is a small world. This is a small show, no frills, just the talent of these fantastic singers. The back-up band supplied the fill that was needed, when it was needed, but I think the show would have been just about as good with just the piano wizzardry of David Munro. This show is a perfect example of "Less is more" Two thumbs up all the way!!!