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2006-12-20 NCH Dublin

reviewed by Sabine


The musicians came out and they started with "Nessun Dorma". It was the first time I could hear them singing it - not bad :-)

I was astonished to learn that Martin Quinn and his brother Andrew (drums) were playing with the CTs since Martin and his brother James (keyboards) played the night before with Liam. But it was Liam's last show of his tour on Wednesday and I guess for his last show in Graiguecullen his brother Tom jumped in to play the guitar. So I was happy to listen to Martin again. The CTs were also accompanied by the Celtic String and David Munro, of course.

The next song was "Whiskey in the jar"... I could have done without it and the "Star of the county down/Marrie's wedding" but the lads gave me a big christmas present: they didn't sing "Danny Boy"! Thanks alot - I appreciate it very much ;-)

I forgot about the line of the songs but I still remember the highlights. THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT was Deirdre singing with her brother. My God! every time I hear "The Prayer" I think they can't do it better than here and now and every time I learn... they can. Matt's voice is growing stronger and bigger every time I hear him. It was so moving and beautiful. I'm so thankful to hear that song again since I missed it so badly last year and my tears were running - I'm glad that my eye patch learned how to swim the night before so I could handle it quite good.

I was brought down to earth a bit too fast because this dream of a song was followed by "An Poc Ar Buile". I think one has to see them presenting that song for the funny moments. I havn't and somehow I was still with that song before.

An other highlight was "O Holy Night", it was sung so beautiful but ... Ok, I'll speak it out: I missed Niall so badly! His high notes and his special sound, especially when he activated his compressor.... it wasn't there. Daryl, please don't get me wrong. It has NOTHING to do with you or your presence! You did a great job and you really sound great. But you have your own voice (a good one) and you are not Niall and I missed his voice - that's all.

"Still by your side" was another highlight. Great harmonies and very moving. It was a song to think of all the loved ones we lost during our lifes.

The other song (the name I've forgotten), when Daryl is playing the female part and Ol' Grumpy James is offended by not playing the diva, is a song that has to be seen too. I think it was quiet funny but I like the more classical ones more. The audience liked it and that's the most important.

Together with Deirdre they sang "Bacarole" and that was one for me!

The Christmas part was great! Never heard so many loopes in "Gloria in Excelsis" before.... 'twas real funny and great! They sang "Away in Manger" together with Cecilia's School of Song Choir and "Adeste Fidelis" together with choir and audience. "Silent night" was sung in german, irish and english. "White Christmas" - Deirdre, I love you! And Matt, when you get tired of singing you always can start a career as a whistle! So one day Deirdre may introduce you like: and the pipe on my left is my brother Matthew.

A nice elderly gentleman guided me through the foyer to the signing-table and told me: stay here, there's Matthew just in front of you. So I got a chance to greet the lads, got a big hug from Matt. He really is a charmer and such a warmhearted lad. I could greet James and shook (shake?shaked?) hand with Daryl. The meeting didn't last more than maybe two minutes when I was softly pushed away from the following huge crowd that came to greet the boys.