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2006-12-20 NCH Dublin

reviewed by Marie


I've just got home from the concert in the NCH. A very quick few words before I go to bed. The concert hall was full and the concert was wonderful. The Tenors said they had just arrived today on an overnight flight from Atlanta but they didn't show any signs of tiredness in their performance. They were joined by the "Celtic" strings for the evening as well as brothers Mark and Andrew Quinn on acoustic guitar and percussion as well, of course, as their MD on piano.

There were many travelling fans in the front rows and the boys interacted with them right through the show. James came on in the second half and mentioned as many of these fans by name as he could remember! He said they dedicated the next song, "Paddy McGinty's Goat", to them.

During the evening an excellent girls choir from St. Cecelia's Song School in Ballina joined them. Of course Deirdre Shannon was there too singing as beautifully as ever.

At the end of the evening there were standing ovations and then everyone remained standing to join the Tenors, Deirdre and the choir in a roof raising version of Ireland's Call.

There was a M&G afterwards and I asked James if I could take a photo. The three gentlemen were great, they posed for a shot and I've put it up on my site (lots more photos tomorrow).

Great evening!