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2006-12-05 St Paul

reviewed by Heather and Barb


The Fitzgerald Theatre was abuzz Tuesday evening with Tenor Talk. The guys had been seen earlier in the day on WCCO News at noon, where they sang Shenandoah and had a brief chat with the host. Ticket sales had been slow up to then but it was announced that you could still purchase tickets up to one hour prior to the performance.


And as word got around that there was a new Tenor group in town, the theatre started to fill up. Barb and I arrived at the theatre about 15 minutes prior to the show starting and quickly found our seats,which happened to be in one of the boxes overlooking the stage. We could see the boys anxiously pacing back and forth behind the curtain at the side of the stage.

And we kept whispering to each other, oh, look, there's Matt,or there's James or Hey Look, there's Daryl!!! Soon it was curtain time, and the MC for the evening came out and introduced the tenors. David came out first and sat down at the piano, then each of the Tenors and there was immediate applause. The Tenors broke out into a rousing rendition of Spanish Lady/Marie's Wedding and pointed to us up in the box where we both blushed and giggled like school girls. Caledonia was next followed by Daryl's dedication to his parents of You Raise Me up. This was our first introducation to Northern Ireland's gift to the Celtic tenors. Daryl's voice went down smooth as a warm Irish coffee. Soon an uptempo version of Star of the Country Down had the audience had the audience clapping their hands and tapping their feet. Ms. Deirdre Shannon was introduced to the audience as having performed with Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance and she came out begowned and bejeweled and sang She moved through the Fair. Soon after she was joined back on stage by the tenors where they sang Still by your side. I had a hard time holding back tears during this song as it reminded me of my mom and sister who I had lost earlier in the year.

The boys and Deirdre then launched into a Christmas medley of various carols, leading the audience in song. And to finish off the first half of the evening Daryl, Matthew and James sang an a capella version of Danny Boy, followed by Remember Me which they dedicated to the service men and women overseas...and the audience surely will want to Remember them. After a refreshing 15 minute break the Tenors appeared back on stage to sing Nessun Dorma,(wha'ever)Without breaking a sweat, James then proceeded to dedicate Shenandoah to two Canadian Ladies who had flown all the way to Minnesota. Goose bumps ensued, then we relaxed as we enjoyed a little Whiskey in the Jar. Opera aficionadios were not to be over looked that night as the boys and Deirdre performed a 'splendid' Barcarolle from the Tales of Hoffman. The boys left Deirdre alone on stage to perform one of her singles off her new cd, Dormi Jesu. Matthew then joined his sister to perform The Prayer. David was given voice that night with his own microphone and the results were hilarious, particularly in the next song...Paddy McGinty's Goat. Daryl's flair for comedic timing was noticable as he stole the spotlight as well as the female lead from a pouting Widda Cafferty. Both Daryl and the Widda were forced to make up by Matthew who acted as go-between. Both Tenors half-heartedly shook hands amid laughter from the audience.

A German/Irish/English version of Silent Night had the audience once again wrapped up in tunes of the season. Bing Crosby would have been proud of our tenors as they crooned White Christmas. The last two songs produced standing ovations, Air Supply's All out of Loooooooooove which the boys have made their very own. The show ended as it was Time To Say Goodbye and the audience was invited to visit with the tenors and Deirdre in the lobby to say hello and have CDs autographed.

To James,Matthew,Daryl,Deirdre, and David, we can't Thank You enough, for making our trip to St.Paul Minnesota, a night to Remember. You are all very special indeed.

Hugs and Squooshes from two
very appreciative Canucks.
Heather and Barb