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2006-12-03 Pomona, NJ

reviewed by Licienne


Yesterday was my big day I finally saw the boys and met them and got hugs and kisses from all of them including Ms. Shannon


The concert was incredible and well worth the wait - I am no longer JINXYCELT


I brought my g/f Deborah with me she never heard them and she was blown away she is a classically trained singer and piano player also so she appreciated every sound and nuance she is a huge fan now. I have to say they were incredible from the second they stepped on the stage and it's obvious they love when they are doing and have fun doing it also. I wanted to take all of them home with me. They dedicated a song to me I just about fell out of my chair when James said my name and they sang Oh Holy Night to me I was shaking and crying through it - that song will never be the same for me - everyone around me was floored and impressed - heck I was even more impressed when they boys all knew my name and how to pronounce it perfectly! I was singing along to every song and enjoying the bantering they did on stage. I have heard all their CDs and can tell you in person is an even greater joy - they are so gifted. David on the piano was incredible also and he bantered away with the guys also his accent is rather sexy!!!! Ms Shannon was absolutely beautiful all the way around she has a voice that melts you. I feel blessed to be able to see the Tenors and Deirdre.


They left Pittsburg at 5am had an 8 hour drive to NJ and sang at 4pm as James put it Tenor's do not sing that early in the day so I will just have to see them at another show that starts at 8 lol they all said they were tired when I talked with them after the show and on stage you would never know it the sign of a true professional and one that loves what they do..


I can't even tell you my favorite part of the concert I loved every second of it and it was well worth the 2 ½ hour drive there and 2 ½ back  I'd do it again in a heart beat yeah I am in March going to see them in Blue Bell Pa if I can get tickets I can't wait I have a lot of missed and cancelled concerts to make up for!!!!