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2006-12-02 Pittsburgh

reviewed by Jenny and Brian



Brian and I just returned home from Pittsburgh this morning. The concert was absolutely amazing! Being our first Celtic Tenor's concert we were pleasantly surprised with the tremendous talent, not to mention the hilarious comedy act during "Paddy's Goat" (I think that was the name of the song). I about fell off my chair laughing. These guys are just as funny as any comedy routine I've ever seen... but the music.. more so was the best of it's kind that I've heard anywhere. They were absolutely a delight to watch perform and I have no doubt that Brian and I will be attending more concerts for years to come. The Tenors are indeed a special lot of young men.

The best part of all and the highlight of our entire trip, without hesitation, was, is, and always will be the lovely Miss Deirdre Shannon!!! I honestly believe her voice is the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. She is an incredible talent, not to mention one of the sweetest, most gracious individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting. Brian and I both were incredibly impressed with the exceptional quality of this young woman. No doubt she is a real beauty on the outside, but her inner beauty illuminates a tremendous goodness of heart and spirit. She really has gotten into our hearts and I decided she's pretty much suck with me being her number 1 fan (don't tell Brian I said that... he "thinks" he is! -- ha!!)

We also had the privilege of meeting James for a bit... even got a kiss on the cheek! -- Eat your heart out girls!!! I also loved meeting Joyce who handles their merchandise... what a lovely, amiable, precious lady she is and so much good fun!! As for David... very quick wittiness and humor! He had Brian in stitches quite a few times and seems like he could be loads of fun!! We really liked him.

Back to our sweet little Deirdre.. Brian and I are both so glad that we chose to do a fan site for her - no one could be more deserving. Speaking of which, she was nominated #1 album of the year and also won Producer of the year!! Quite an accomplishment. I hope everyone takes the time to write in and congratulate her. Her CD's sold like hot cakes after the show. When I was standing in the ladies room, I overheard quite a bit of buzz about her from some of the others ladies... they all were singing her praises! Nice to hear that if people are talking behind your back, they are saying good things, eh?

When she and Matthew sang "The Prayer".. it literally gave me goosebumps!! They sing so well together... but I had laugh when the comment was made about them being Ireland's version of "Donny & Marie" -- too cute!

I could write on an on about last night.. the songs, the comedy act, meeting everyone (especially Deirdre)... Brian and I enjoyed every minute! To anyone who hasn't seen Deirdre and the Celtic Tenors... you are in for quite a treat!

Love to all.. and thanks for listening...