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2006-10-21 Bartlett

reviewed by Linda and Gary


After being seated the manager came out to make his announcements to the sold out crowd. To our amazement he stated that a couple had traveled from Champaign, Illinois to attend the concert and had us wave our hands. To be further shocked, the gentleman seated right in front of us turned around and said that he had been raised in Champaign. The world keeps getting smaller all the time.


Enough of my babbling, now it is time for the review you have all waited a week for.

David slipped behind the piano and started playing. The tenors bounded on stage singing "Spanish Lady". The audience was a little hesitant to clap along. "Wild Rover" was a different story. The audience clapped the 4/2 wonderfully and the guys didn't need to stop for instruction.

Daryl introduced the third song. He said that he had been raised in the trouble Northern Ireland but had been very lucky to have parents that taught him that all men were created equal. Even though his parents were not in the theater, he dedicated "You Raise Me Up' to them. James sang Samantha's part. I must admit, I prefer this song sung by just the tenors. The audience enjoyed it hand showed their approval with a long applause.

James spotted us during "Will Ye Go Lassie Go". I just love it when his brows raise and you know you have been recognized.

There was much laughter during "An Poc Ar Buile" I hope I'm remembering everything okay, Daryl was on guitar, Matthew on tin whistle and James on tambourine and in charge of the goat bleating at the end of the song. Someone commented that they were just like the Beatles and Daryl quipped, "more like the Monkees".

Deirdre was introduced and came out in a black velvet bodice with a full black taffeta skirt with a white crinoline peeking below. She had on a pearl necklace and bracelet. Of course she sang most beautifully "She Moved Through the Fair". She is such an angel. The lads joined her on "Barcarolle" from Tales of Hoffman. Gary patted my knee and whispered " very pretty". The audience loved this piece as there was another long applause.

Matthew explained that the next song was what happened after the boys had tinkered around in the studio and hope that we would like their version of "Ten Thousand Tears". Who wouldn't enjoy it? I absolutely melt every time I hear it and received immense pleasure from hearing it live. James sang the diva's part. Again there was long appreciative applause.

While "The Pearl Fishers" was being introduced there was some jocularity among the lads and some banter from David and at one point, James pleaded for David's microphone to be shut down. A lot of fun was being had on stage. With each song I think the applause lasted longer, but whistles and cheers were heard after "Bring Him Home".

The first act ended with "Remember Me". No matter how many times we hear it, it is more perfect each time (even the Scotsman).

Act 2 began with 8 grade school/middle school girls in brightly colored costumes dancing the soft shoe, reel and tap in Irish style. I don't remember the name of the group but I wouldn't know how to say it or spell it if I did. The girls were wonderful and received a standing ovation.

After they left the stage the tenors were introduced again but did not appear. After some edginess, someone came out looked inside the piano and quipped, "well, they're not in there" which made for laughter. When they did come out they sang "Nessun Dorma" from Turnadot. Beautiful!!

Daryl danced during "The Star of the Count Down" and James told him to forget it. Next we heard "Caledonia".

"Shenandoah" was dedicated to Linda and Gary. There is nothing that makes you feel more special than being sung to. They entertain us, make us happy, keep in contact with us and still make us feel like honored guests. Thank you so much guys. We do love you and feel so blessed.

Pepping it up, we next heard "Whiskey in a Jar".

Deirdre joined them for "Still By Your Side" wearing a white pin striped pant suit and a necklace that appeared to be a silver and abalone tear drop. She sang her solo "I Don't Want to Talk About It". She introduced the song saying that the Irish are very good at singing sad songs and making you cry. David accompanied her on the guitar and vocal back up. Who knew that the Scotsman was so talented? Next Deirdre told of being in a family of 5 children with two being professional singers. Then she introduced her brother who was going to sing the next song with her. Matthew walks out with a sheepish grin. She explained that the next song was on her album. Since the Celtic Tenors had asked her to sing on their album she felt like she should ask them to be on hers. Matthew said, `But you only asked me", to which Deirdre replied, "you're my favorite". Of course, "The Prayer" was sung to absolute perfection. I can't describe the feeling experienced during the song. It was a crescendo of sorts. A tingly warm explosion started at my toes and rose to glow in my chest. It is much better than goose bumps. When the song was over Daryl comments that the Matthew and Deirdre were the Irish answer to Donnie and Marie.

The usual tiff over who will sing the leading lady part began with the announcement of "Paddy McGinty's Goat". Matthew was the flustered peace maker, Daryl was the triumphant diva and James had a marvelous pout. A lot of laughter ensued.

What every concert has is "Danny Boy" sang a cappella to a hushed audience.

To end the second act a song about lost love was introduced to which James commented, `welcome to my world" and Daryl came back with "I can see why". Daryl the started "All Out Of Love". A standing ovation brought all of them back on the stage for " A Time to Say Goodbye" and a second standing ovation brought them out again for a final number "Ireland's Call" and audience sing a long. Deirdre came out in a form fitting olive, copper and black leopard print dress with a cowl neckline and draped back. She wore a chunky gold necklace.

Gary and I both agree that this is the best concert we have heard so far.

All the Celtic Tenor CD's were sold out at intermission so there were some disappointed patrons after the finale.

Of course there was a line of well wishers and autograph seekers at the meet and greet. As there were no cameras allowed to come into the building, Gary and I hung around until most patrons were gone. I then slipped my camera out of my purse and got a couple of shots. The lads are always so gracious.

I must say that I like Daryl very much. He is cute as a button, very huggable and very talented. I enjoyed his personality and friendliness and hope he feels comfortable with us. It was such a pleasure to see the glow on Matthews face when asked about his family and especially his daughter. James, what can I say? You're our rock. You give us lots of hugs and squooshes and make me feel special. Deirdre is so beautiful and down to earth. David is talented and funny. You all give us much pleasure.

It is now late and I am very tired. I have struggled to remember as much as possible to make the review enjoyable for you all. Forgive any errors.

Well wishes from Linda