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2006-09-10 Dublin, Gaiety Theatre

reviewed by Gertraut


Yes, I was at The Gaiety-Theatre and I did see the lovely Celtic-Tenors-Concert with its lot of Irish songs (my great love Caledonia and those goat-songs especially, they made Matthew laugh so much that he barely could sing on!) and the lovely selection of classical songs (I heard them sing The Barcarolle from Hoffmanns Tales for the first time and I have heard Leoncavallos Mattinata before but never with such a pleasant surprise as James gave to us) and no, I am not writing about it. Ill write about the Meet & Greet afterwards.

In winter James told us once that we should not always be writing down the succession of songs, but lean back and enjoy ourselves. Well, dear James, I did that and now I will be forever wondering in which song the tenors gave roses to some ladies in the first row&

When we had sung Happy Birthday to James he told us about the Meet & Greet afterwards and explained, that he would be offended if we would not come.

Well, to cut it short, never in my life have I seen such a crowd queuing for autographs. We waited for almost three quarters of an hour and nobody lost patience; a friendly word here, a hug there, someone in a wheelchair greeted, nice.

While waiting, I spied Deirdre and went over to talk a little to her. As our luck would have it, both ladies  she and Donna  did sing in this concert. I was happy to see her again, Id only heard her once in Munichs St. Lucas Church two years ago, but there was no Meet & Greet there, so I had no chance to talk to her. Of course I bought her new CD, which was on sale already at the concert and she signed a photograph for me. What a lovely and friendly person she is! Just having come back I had no chance as yet to listen to it, but Im looking forward to it, having heard her sing The Prayer with Matthew in the concert and admiring it so much!.

We were almost the last ones, but this on purpose, for having come such a long way, we wanted to have the opportunity to talk to them a little. And I do not know how they do it: Do they have a list of their fans in their heads or what, I just said my name and where I came from and James hugged me and said that he had already wondered when he would meet me in person. Thats quite astonishing! I mean we are quite a couple of fans now and to remember single names! With Matthew I am on friendly speaking terms since the Munich-Concert, as I was allowed there in at the sound-check. So we talked about his little Sean and about the coming baby and I got another welcome hug. And a little chat with Daryl  he has got a beautiful voice, I heard him for the first time, but he is as easy going as James and Matthew..

They let us take their picture and I felt a little woebegone at the idea of seeing them again only in maybe another two years. So why the wide grin on my face in the picture?

Daryl felt compelled to do a little yodel into my left ear, thats why (and he managed to get his face straight in time).

A very tired Gertraut in Vienna (those flight times are horrible), Sept. 13th, 06.