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2005-06-25 Munich

reviewed by Bettina


I`m just back from the concert in Munich. Twelve hours have passed until I got here to type this down for you. (I drafted this this morning in my hotel room).

Being at the "venue" quite early I had enough time to breathe in the athmosphere and beauty of this place. The " Brunnenhof der Residenz " is not an ordinary concert venue, but this old courtyard of the residence of the old german family Wittelsbach is used for open air concerts during the summer. The impressive setting and its fountain is surrounded by lovely renovated old buildings.


There were several worried looks into the sky where - after a week of summer - clowds were gathering giving the impression of a thunderstorm later that evening. How good we were ensured by the promoter that the concert would be moved to the indoor Herkulessaal in case of rain. As it was the first night of a serious of concerts the official opening was done by Helmut Pauli (promoter) and the managing director of the main sponsor Südeutsche Zeitung. Some german VIP`s ( meaning some "real" celebrities from church, politics and music world ) were spotted in the front row.


Some members of the "Bach collegium Munich" entered the stage followed by two well-known faces: Martin Quinn on guitar and our beloved Scotsman David Munro.

Soon the first chords of 'Ireland`s Call' filled the air and James, Matthew and Daryl took the stage. It was amazing how the three guys got along given the fact that they just had a handful of rehearsals (and Daryl had to learn all the lyrics in a minimum of time while also doing his job at Zurich opera house).

We were introduced to one of his other talents when he greeted the audience in perfect "Schwyzer Duitsch" (the german spoken in Switzerland) giving him the first applause of the evening, which made Daryl use the language of his northern irish home to prove being native irish.


The songs were :

Will ye go, lassie go
Spanish Lady
You raise me up
of the County Down


Nella Fantasia was next when highly talented Donna was introduced. Just when they were about to sing Mr. Pauli came on stage looking at the sky and everyone knew it was time to run NOW!!! And this was just in time. The thunderstorm started with heavy rain and I bet not everyone made it inside without getting wet. Of course it took a while to set up the stage, but after about half an hour Miss Malone joyned the guys for 'Nella Fantasia'.


No microphone was used in the Herkulessaal which of course made this a special concert. "It`s difficult for three tenors to sing like this having such a celebrity sitting in the front row" James adressed to famous mexican opera singer FRANZISCO ARAISO who came to support his pupil Daryl.


I must admit he did a really good job as Daryls` voice sounds pretty light, high and well trained.


As we had a break while moving, no additional interval was made so here`s the setlist for the rest of the evening:


Non Siamo Isole
In the gloaming
Dein ist mein ganzes Herz
Remember me
Mull of Kintyre
Fields of Athenry
Wild Rover
Whiskey in the Jar
Danny Boy
Time to say Goodbye


The athmosphere during the whole evening ws very energetic, the vibes could be felt by the audience, too. Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening, and the three guys had lots of fun together.


There was a huge standing ovation and neverstanding applause at the end which the boys honoured by singing 'All out of love'.


As the meet and greet was announced everyone dashed to the foyer to meet the heros of the evening. Ginormous crowds were waiting to get their CD`s and souvenir programmes signed.


Of course, and maybe especially as it was the first evening without Niall, he was dearly missed.


Thanks so much to Daryl for making the efforts of learning lyrics, flying to Ireland for rehearsals and squeezing Munich in his scedule - can you believe he sang in opera on Saturday evening and even headed off to Basel for huge performance today!!