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2006-06-25 Munich

reviewed by Kathrin


First of all I have to admit that I am very bad at remembering every single song of this great concert. But I would like to share with you my general impressions I got after almost 1,5 years of absence. (Oh God, I felt so quilty!)


With much anticipation we approached the concert location - Brunnenhof (Residenz) to see our (at least my) first open air concert of the tenors. It was still quite hot which was supposed to change very soon. Half an hour before the concert started I recognised our Matt in Shorts and T-Shirt. Also when he is in a hurry, he always has time for a small chat. It was so nice to see him, he is always like a big brother. And then I also recognised Daryl. Why do the Irish always have to be so small? Or maybe I am too tall :-)? The audience had to smile when later at stage he introduced himself by starting with "Gruezi" referring to his time in Switzerland. He seems to be a very funny, talented guy but who takes his task very seriously. It is not easy to be compared with Niall all the time. But his name is Daryl and he did a very good job! The concert had to be interrupted after only a few songs because the sky was getting darker and darker and darker... a spooky atmosphere! When sunshades started to fly around, we thought it would be better to escape into the nearby "Herkulessaal". This emergency plan worked really well and so the show could go on under more pleasant conditions. Because of these inconveniences we even got a drink after the concert.

They performed all their great songs like "Mull of Kintyre", "Caledonia", "Remember me", "In the Gloaming", "Danny Boy", "Nella Fantasia" and of course our fanclub song "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz". From the latest album we enjoyed "We are not islands", "You raise me up" and "All out of Love". I have to admit I was a bit disappointed by Donna Malone's voice. Or maybe my hearing is just too spoilt by Deirdre. Her "Time to say goodbye" is uncomparable. Please, please, please, next time please perform also "Ten Thousand Tears"!!! PLEASE! I (and so many others here) would love to hear that song!

And of course, after the concert we could say "Hi" and get new Daryl autographs while James made every effort to introduce us to him. Poor Daryl, so many new faces! But don't worry, we don't bite! Thank you very much for a wonderful evening in my city! Hope to see you all in the near future!