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2006-04-28 Eindhoven

reviewed by Veronika


There are days when all the stress and rigour and trouble of months just dissolve within a few moments' time and your whole world is in balance again!


I had never in a lifetime expected to step out of a carpark and into a sound check and hear Niall singing "Yesterday", and just a few more steps around the back of the stage to see the boys on stage and their fans in front, ... and James asking if we still love him when he is sixty - four!!!! We will, James, we will!!! We hope we won't have to feed you but we'll love you and need you and send you Valentines and birthday greetings! Promised! Though in my case the handwriting will be a bit doddery!

I The Beatles Medley is wonderful and captured me right away and I hope it will become part of their regular repertoire! All three my favourite Beatles songs!! Matthew's Hey Jude was about to knock me off my feet, but I needed them for a while that night!

John's review was so perfect and professional on almost every note of the you already know everything important, and I'll give you just my own (as ususal over-emotional) impressions.

I had not expected so many new songs , so it was all the more a feast for my ears and my eyes! Look at the photos and you see in how GRAND form the boys were!

I could hardly wait to hear the Beatles Medley again, and they have chosen exactly the perfect part for each of them. 'Yesterday' is so much made for Niall, he expresses all the emotion and sadness so uniquely peculiar to this song. James' rendition of 'When I'm 64'is so refreshing and somehow naughty and makes every face explode in a smile! (Mine is still aching!) And as 'Hey Jude' happens to be my all-time-favourite Beatles song, and this SVELTE Matthew just stands there, and like a duck takes to water he sings this song so indulgently, and warms your heart and no cold dutch winds can do any harm to you!

'We are the champions ' was also a 'first time' for me, and I wanted them never to stop! 'Danny Boy' is, every time they sing it, a grip around my heart and gives me moments of beauty to last a long time. And 'Nessun Dorma'!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heard it for the first time sung by the tenors, John is my witness that I did not breathe, I was paralysed looking at James and listening to him,just stood there reverently and felt these some very very special and beautiful moments in my lifetime. A big thank you to James for these moments, you were brilliant.

And yes, the lads were all in brilliant form and devilishly good-looking, so enviably young and so lightly, almost floating on their feet, and above that, I had an impression that especially James was having such a special aura around him, and he appeared so happy and balanced and feeling just okay with himself! Great! James, you must have been having a very good time in your life? You give evidence from head to toes!

Matthew, Niall and James, I had no opportunity to tell you after the gig: You are the best, the greatest and new every time! Your open smiles, your friendly , familiar faces and your voices that stand out from all others in their very special way, the fun you have on stage, the zest you garnish to your gigs, and the absolute absence of 'star affectation' are a perfect mixture to make my admiration for you grow and grow! Thank you from my heart and soul for this wonderful presentation of your music.It makes my heart so light.

One little incident that I think has not been mentioned but is so typical for these tenors: At times the wind was becoming gusty, the sheet notes came floating down from the music stands, and the tenors, as a matter of course, bent down to pick them up and hand them backwards, some sheets even floated down from the stage, and the security men would bend down, pick them up, hand them to the tenors and they handed them backwards. One security man had handed a sheet to Niall, bent down again for the next one, and Niall, with this devil grin of his own, dropped the sheet again and made the poor guy collect it over again.... The look in Niall's eyes as he was innocently singing along.. you simply don't get this kind of 'encore' in any other concert! I suppose this is one reason why I sit here and write all this: I know you all feel the same about these Celtic Tenors and enjoy and love them just as much as I do.