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2006-04-28 Eindhoven

reviewed by Anja


As said before it was all worth traveling to Eindhoven to see the open air concert - even if we did know it would only be about 10 songs. Just the thought of having the tenors on stage with that huge philharmonic orchester was worth going. I had seen the guys doing "The World's Greatest Tenors" in 2004 and since then was hoping for a full orchester concert. It seems so very natural seeing a tenor sining with orchester and I must say the songs which were chosen for the Friday concert were just extraordinary fitting. Here's the full program:


- Philips Symfonie Orkest: Mars, Bringer of War out of "the planets" (Gustav Holst)
- Orchester with Geert Chatrou: Allegro out of recorder concert in c (Antonio Vivaldi)
- Orchester: Pomp and Circumstance (Edward Elgar)
- Orchester: Lord of the Dance (Ronan Hardiman)
- with Celtic Tenors: Beatles Medley (Yesterday, When I'm 64, Hey Jude)
- with Celtic Tenors: Remember Me
- with Celtic Tenors: Granada
- Orchester: Filmmusic from Harry Potter (John Williams)
- with Celtic Tenors: Nella Fantasia
- with Celtic Tenors: Anthem
- with Geert Chatrou: Czardas (Monti)
- Orchester: Second Walz (Sjostakovitsj)
- with Celtic Tenors: I want to be in America
- with Celtic Tenors and Geert Chatrou: Con te Partiro (Time to say Goodbye)
- Nessun Dorma
- Danny Boy
- We are the Champions

My personal highlights - along with spending the day with people I rarely meet but love - was that Beatles Medley. I loved to see Here, there and everywhere on the CD but this medley seemed to be so very perfect for the Celtics. Three of my favourite songs sung in beautiful harmonies by some of the most beautiful voices made me melt away - plus we had a very good "reason" to warm us up during the end of Hey Jude... ;-) Nessun Dorma is some different story. This has always been one of my favourite arias and I heard the Celtics doing this several times - I do love the "Phil the Fluter" version but this classical piece with orchester performed on a packed market was something else.... what a wonderful idea to do this!!!! As I'm a huge fan of Queen I was very excited to see "We are the Champions" on that sheet. So many memories came floating back as some specific tenors once dedicated this to me on my birthday - three years ago! I had never heard them singing this ever since so I could not wait for this (pushing away this would be the last song of the night, of course!). And again.... what an excellent idea do do this song. Eveyone seemed to sing along in the end which was just fantastic! I think there's nothing else to add to what all the rest already said, wonderful night, good fun, many lovely people and all of us managed not to get frozen on the ground ;-)))