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2006-03-14 Williamsport, Pennsylvania

reviewed by Glenda


Well, IT finally happened!!! I saw our lads in concert up front and in person. Let me begin by saying I made a complete idiot of myself, as my daughter Sabrina would confirm. The stage lights were still dim as the lads were introduced and walked out on stage. But, even in the dim lighting I could tell who they were and shrieked their names as I recognized them...." Niall!! Matthew!! James." To Sabrina's embarrassed horror. ;-)


The stage set began with Star of the County Down. I was ready to party with the song, but the rest of the audience seemed a bit timid at first. Well, by the time they got to the chorus, the crowd had loosened up somewhat.

It was about this time that we noticed a bit of a problem hearing the words of the song. They were using the sound equipment that belonged to The Irish Rovers, and it wasn't working quite right.

Next, came the intro to Caledonia... poor Niall had to tell his joke twice because of the sound equipment not working. By the end of the second verse, though, everything was in fine shape.

Then came Wild Rover, Fionnghuala (which Matthew tried to get the audience to sing along to--- Sabrina and I were the only ones who could), and then You Raise Me Up. Gives me chills to remember it.

Miss Donna Mallone came out then and led in I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls, also which we sang along with. Next, was Danny Boy, which only our lads can give justice to, followed by remember me.

Imagine my surprise when, during Phil the Fluter's Ball was being performed, Mrs. Cafferty and Little Crooked Pat put in brief appearances.

Miss Malone came back out for Time to Say Goodbye. Then, I'm afraid I did it again. James said thank you to me for being there and I waved my arm up as high as it would go. Sabrina sank in her seat.

Finally, came All Out of Love, and the end of their set. Their rendition of this song is incomparable. Their harmonies, full vocal range, and emotion put this song right up at the top of my favorites list. Then for the intermission, I and Sabrina waited to one side whilst the lads met and signed for other members of the audience before The Irish Rovers performed. When the crowd had gone back in, the lads were gracious enough to spend 30 - 45 minutes with Sabrina and I, just talking like old friends who hadn't seen each other in a few months.

What impressed Sabrina and I most was how truly down to earth, genuinely warm, and interested in us they were. We discussed this on the way home and here's the difference. In America, when someone "makes it big" their attitude changes to "I'm a star, don't look at me, don't touch me, leave me alone." The Celtic Tenors are globally famous, and yet, so very kind and gracious.