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2006-03-07 Chicago

reviewed by Geri


Jessica and myself were on pins and needles. We were so excited to go see our lads, we could hardly contain ourselves! Thanks to our lovely Maggie Mae we had a ride the concert, and didn't have to deal with train and but schedules! Maggie Mae lives in Aurora so we drove to her house where Allene was already there. Maggie Mae and her friend had picked her up at the airport. These two are too much! We got to the concert in plenty of time and also heard the lads warming up from the girls room. Pretty cool.


They opened with Ireland's Call and had us captivated from there on. This was Jessica's second concert, but my first so she was busy writing down all the songs and told me to sit and enjoy. Isn't she a dear! The lads have a way with their audience as you all know. We felt such a part of their concert and were recognized by name during the concert. Aren't we so special, he,he:} Of course when we had to clap and messed up, oh boy! The lads were patient with us though and started all over again and you know we got the clapping right the second time! Even got a thumbs up:}!

Donna has a beautiful voice! And such charm. Fits right in with the lads. The whole audience was captivated! The ladies next to us rushed out and bought a cd during intermission without any hesitation. I had already purchased mine before the concert, of course! One for me, one for Jessica as an early birthday present, and one for a fellow teacher Kathy from Gates School. She loved it, autographed and all! And our charming lads were so patient with us after the concert! They signed everyone's cd and the posters that some had. Waited and took pictures we us! They were so cute! James, you are too cute and cuddly, hope I didn't scare you:}. You remind me alot of my son David, who's cute and cuddly, too. Matthew, you were so cute talking with your cousin, Peggy and her husband! I loved it when you pointed to her and said with this big ol' grin on your face, "This is my cousin"! Aren't you glad to came to Chicago and got to meet your cousin after all these years! I know "we" were glad you lads came! Niall, it was so you to stop and talk with Allene after most of us had wondered towards the door. Sorry we missed your hug, but she has James' hug and we will all remember this concert forever! Okay, I have a complete list of the songs our lads sung, I asked one of the ushers if I could have one and he asked another guy and he said yes! So I got one:}Here goes:

Set 1
Ireland's Call
Wild Rover
Go Lassie Go
You Raise Me Up
Fantasia w/Donna
Libiamo w/Donna
Non Siamo Isole
Danny Boy
Remember me

Set 2
Bring Him Home
Down You’re Rockin’ The Boat
All I Ask w/Donna
Katie w/Donna
Time to Say Goodbye w/Donna
All Out Of Love

We didn't want to say goodbye, but I'm sure our lads were tired and needed to get some rest. They were completely charming and wonderfut. Am looking forward to the next concert. Perhaps, one at the Paramont in Aurora????????????