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2006-03-07 Chicago

reviewed by Robin


We got to sit in the front row for the Chicago concert. I realy like St. Pats. I have a special fondness for the bathrooms! At the concert a year ago we arrived very early and heard beautiful singing echoing through the building. Two minutes later we suprised Matthew who was warming up in the men's room! This year as I walked into the wash room I once again heard the sounds of our Tenors warming up. I rushed out and went to get my mom for this suprise pre-concert. My daughter Gabrielle my mom and I all savoured every note while my Dad went into the men's room. What a start.


One of the things I enjoy now at a Tenors concert is watching the people and thinking what a great treat is in store for those who have never heard them. I saw a man looking at their cd on the table and he said to his friend "Well, I'm not going to buy it until I've heard what they sound like" and I had to laugh. I said "Oh buy it now and avoid the crowds later" He said "You're pretty sure of yourself aren't you?" "Oh no! but I am sure of the Celtic Tenors! It's a lock that you'll be buying that cd later!" And of course later he did!

Being in the front row is a incredable experience with the full power and charm of the guys just a few feet away from you. I felt like I was lifted up into a special place of pure joy, it truly was a glimpse of heaven. To me it is a Holy thing I watch the Celtic Tenors and am in awe and humbled by their gift. How could anyone doubt the existance of God and that He is good? When I used to be able draw before my hand shook I would sometimes get that feeling. I imagine that artists, athletes, architechts feel this.

The great thing about the guys is that they invite you in. they share their gifts with us and I am so grateful. At the intermissian I heard two ladies in the bathroom gushing about the guys and one lady said "where are you sitting?" the other lady said "just two pews behind you" then laughed and said "well we arent in church are we? but it feels like it"

I love the fun that they have! Their teasing and warmth make you feel like a part of a family. I loved James' "Bring Him Home". My mother loved "We Are Not Islands" and my daughter was very happy that they sang "Whiskey In A Jar" to her. Matthew even came up to her to hold her hand though she was to shy and I held it so he wouldn't be left hanging! "You raise me up" is perfect for them, it should be their theme song. One of the highlights for me was the encore of "All Out of Love". Niall had given me his coat to hold for him when they sang and I felt so stunned at the end that when he went to take it back I almost didn't let go! It was very soft and classy looking wouldn't that have made a great souvignier? I was sure I heard James say I could keep it.

After the concert we only had a very short time because my mom was tired. I was suprised that James remembered both my name and my daughters. We didn't let anyone know we were going and we have only seen them 3 times in the last 5 years. With all the people they meet it is touching that they remember and make you feel special.

James sang a impromptu "Fields of Athenry" for my mom to help her with the words and signed Gabrielle's cd to her dog Tippy. He "Robin Robin" me because I handed him my cd with the plastic on and he opened it when I couldnt. What a sweetheart. I love the emotion his face and voice when he sings. Matthew asked about my health and he has such a way of looking at you and realy giving you his undivided attention that makes you feel special. I love his song "I Will Never Let Go" and think its a shame its not on the U.S. release. His voice is so strong it can give me shivers. Niall is so comfortable and what a flirt! I can picture him with a bunch of screaming fans! He realy seems to be having the best time on stage and off! I love "Caruso" and was disappointed he didn't sing it. It has a hypnotic effect on me. the way you can hear the emotion build in his voice! Wow!

I have a great idea. Don't you guys think they should put out another video? I love "celebrate". I bet our fan club alone would love a copy of them in concert and so would anyone who saw them! Spread the love!