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2006-03-07 Chicago

snippets from Maggie Mae, Marilyn and Tom


I hope you enjoy the photos of the St. Pat's concert. These lads bounded out on to the stage and with their first note were off and running for a wonderful and most enjoyable evening of music, song and some of the best Irish music to come to Chicagoland once again! I wish you all could have been there to hear them. I did get to meet with them for a quick hi and, as those Canuks would say - a few sqooshes! Always such a warm welcome for three lads I first met at PBS in Chicago one August night in 2002 - wow - how time does go by - but I wouldn't miss one of there Chicago concerts for all the tea (or a smooth cuppa Irish coffee) in my home town of Chicago. They make the upcoming St. Patrick's Day fare all the better!!! If this was their first night of a new tour and they sang this good with ney a mistake or mistep - look out U.S.A. - here they come!!!!
Slainte' Marilyn in Chicago


I cannot attempt to give the usual review of the Chicago concert,I was too busy enjoying all the songs. When a show starts with "Ireland's Call",you know you are in for a great evening.The CT's were their usual wonderful selves with every song a joy.All I can say about Donna Malone is,WOW! I thought Niall took great pleasure in telling everyone she is only 18. Hard to believe with that great voice and stage presence. The meet and greet was the usual nice, patient guys, signing and discussing with everyone who came up. I got to speak with all three Tenors and had a great evening. Now I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to get to a concert.
Wise Old Celt- TOM T

StUNNING! Well how quickly they came and left once again. But not without touching our hearts and souls with their stunning voices and charming Irish ways. The Celtic Tenors are the best with the most impeccable harmony heard by any one. Their concert at St. Pat's last evening was totally magical. Each and every song they sang, whether it was one we've heard before, or for the first time was spell binding. James was in great form. He sounded even better than the last time they were in Chicago. It seemed as thou his range was higher and longer. He makes your heart beat even faster or makes it seem it is going leap out of your chest. Niall was superb, so cool, what great range also. Niall's voice gave me chills. Matthew was as dear as can be, His voice seems to be maturing even more. He was totally captivating and endearing. We love their voices blending together. I must say the young lady Donna Mallone sang beautifully with James as well. The Lads were darling singing a tune from "Guys and Dolls" "Sit Down, Sit Down, Your Rocking the Boat." More fun.! All in all what a wonderful evening and can't wait till next time. I sure enjoyed all the hugs and kisses. It was great meeting up with so many devoted Fans. Five of us travled together. What a great time!
Love and Hugs to all, Maggie Mae