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2006-03-07 Chicago

reviewed by Linda and Gary


Tuesday we picked up my sister and her husband and headed for Chicago. Everyone knows why we were headed in that direction.


We arrived at St. Pat's in plenty of time to visit with Maggie Mae, Gary, Allene, Geri and Jessica. Unfortunately, we didn't get to meet Tom and his family or Marilyn. The excitement was growing as we waited for the doors to open.

Once we were in our seats anticipation quivered within and soon a bit to worry as the concert started a bit late.

The smiling lads came out in their black tees and dark gray suits and belted out Ireland's Call. What a rousing start! That's when the smile appeared on my face and didn't leave for the rest of the evening.

Next we heard Wild Rover, Will Ye Go Lassie Go and the Dublina. To slow things down Niall introduced the Josh Groban hit and expected us all to aahh. He explained that the song was recorded on their new album and you could just happen to buy it out in the lobby. They sang You Raise Me Up with James singing Samantha Mumba's part, and I might add did an excellent job.

Matthew then started to introduce a movie song and surprised us all by whistling the theme from The Good The Bad and The Ugly. He just might have a second career in the making. Of course, the real movie song planned was Nella Fanatasia. Enters young Donna in a black gown with white side insets and crisscross ties down the legs. The four of them then sang Libiamo (I believe from La Traviata). Donna now exits.

We Are Not Islands performed with Matthew singing the Brian Kennedy part from the album was next. Gary and I really love the clarity and richness of Matthew's voice. I must say that all three of the guys were having an outstanding voice and delivery day. Everything seemed to be going perfectly and we enjoyed this concert even more than the previous two.

The upbeat Star of the County Down was followed by an a cappella Danny Boy. The dedication to all serving outside of their homeland was made just before Remember Me. At this point a break was taken and before Matthew could leave the stage, a lovely lady in a long black fur coat approached him. It turns out that she is a cousin and they have never met. Her aunt was Matthew's grandmother.

The second half of the show started with the guys entering in their velvet coats and brocade waistcoats singing Granada.

I finally got to hear them sing Bring Him Home, which has always been one of my favorites, and Don't Rock the Boat (of course with dance steps and comical faces).

Niall introduced Donna. She came in wearing a black skirt flared from the knees and a burgundy bustier laced up the back. She and James then sang All I Ask of You (which happens to be one of Gary's favorites). Is this a good night or what?!

Donna then sang her solo of Katy and left the stage after much applause.

The lads sang Whiskey in a Jar and then dedicated Caledonia to their fans in the audience. I think this is just wonderful, not only am I enjoying myself, but also I'm being recognized for it. It really does make one feel super special (and really impressed my sister and her husband). The Fields of Athenry was then dedicated to Geri, Matthew's newfound cousin.

Unfortunately, it was A Time to Say Goodbye.

The standing ovation did bring them back out for All Out Of Love (which is equally as nice with or without Air Supply).

The usual meet and greet followed with albums sales looking good.

My sister Judy and her husband David bought a CD and patiently waited in line for autographs. They have always heard the Celtic Tenor music in our home but stated that one couldn't really appreciate them until they are seen live. If you retain anything at all from this review, read this last line again. You must see them in person to feel the warmth, sincerity and genuine aspects of their talents and personalities.

As I said before, this was a terrific concert and a great way to start the spring tour. I am sure they must have been very happy with their performances.

It is now almost midnight on Friday evening. We have just come home from a Ten Tenors concert. The concert was pleasant and we enjoyed it. The ten young men were fairly equal in talent but none could match our three lads.