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2007-10-06 Lexington

reviewed by Angela

I am very sorry for this review being so late, but for some reason I had difficulty putting my thoughts about seeing The Celtic Tenors perform into words and onto paper. This was the first time I was asked to write a review about the concerts I had seen. However, that does not, in any way, mean that I haven't been reliving the memories in my mind every day since the two concerts!

The Lexington Music Theater is amazing, unlike any other venue my Mom & I have ever been to for a concert before. It has a small, intimate setting in which every seat has a good view of the stage.

The Celtic Tenors have the ability to amaze their audience with their beautiful voices. Their songs can make you laugh and make you cry.

Matthew, James, and Daryl each spoke a little of the towns or villages where they came from, letting their fans know just a bit about their backgrounds and upbringings. It was wonderful how Daryl thanked his parents for raising a strong family before singing "You Raise Me Up".

Before singing, "Angel of Mercy", James told a story of a little girl named Holly. The Celtic Tenors had met Holly at one of their concerts a few years ago. She had been very ill and in the hospital, and was only allowed out for the evening to see the concert. After that evening, the Tenors kept in touch with Holly and her family, and visited her both at home and in the hospital. It seemed as if James was getting a little choked up when he said that the most difficult thing they've ever had to do was sing "Angel of Mercy" at Holly's funeral two years ago. You could just see, as James was telling the story, the emotional impact that Holly had on them. Now, they dedicate the song to Holly's memory. It is a beautiful song and every time I hear it I think about a little girl who didn't get the chance to live a full life, but did have the opportunity to meet a wonderful group of men! I truly believe that little Holly is looking down on them...especially when they sing "Angel of Mercy".

There just aren't enough words for "Ten Thousand Tears". When my Mom & I saw the Tenors, at the Irish Festival, in Homestead, Pennsylvania, they didn't perform this song but said that it would be back in the show soon. My Mom was trying not to get her hopes up, but "Ten Thousand Tears" is one of her favorite songs. So, when they began to sing it, she & I were thrilled. It is just such a beautiful song, it brings chills to me every time I hear it...especially live. Thank you for making the night even more memorable for my Mom & I!

They dedicated "Remember Me" to all of the men and women in the Armed Forces all over the world. I don't know of anyone who could not be affected by this beautiful song...I know I had a lump in my throat. On a personal note, this song means even more to me because my best friend's husband was in both Afghanistan (twice) & Iraq. Thankfully he came home safely!

The camaraderie between Matthew, James, and Daryl shows not only their love of the music they sing, but the respect they have for each other. Just watching these men on stage, you can tell that they enjoy being together.

Before performing, "All Out of Love", Matthew said that they don't sing pop songs. But this song is much more than just a pop song, it is truly a love song. The Tenors recorded it, with Air Supply, two years ago and have promised to sing it at every concert. I must admit that I could never imagine any other group performing an Air Supply song and doing it justice. But I was so wrong! Every time I hear the Celtic Tenors sing "All Out of Love" I have the same chills that I do when I hear Air Supply perform it! At the Meet and Greet, Daryl told me that he doesn't do the song justice. That is not true at all, he definitely does do the song justice!

The Celtic Tenors have a great connection with their audience, they make you feel that they truly are glad to see you. Near the end of each concert, they come off the stage and each presents a rose to a member of the audience. Being the recipient of one or two roses, from past concerts, I know how wonderful it feels to get one from one of the guys. On another personal note, Matthew gave me a rose at the Irish Festival in Homestead, Pennsylvania, at the beginning of September. Well, somehow, that rose is still alive in a vase in my bedroom! James teased me that my Mom is secretly switching it with a new rose, but she isn''s still the same rose!

I cannot forget about Danny or Donna. They are such wonderful performers. They say that Donna has the voice of an angel. That is very true, but she also has a love and caring that goes right to the audience. She also has a great connection with Danny, Matthew, Daryl, and James. She is a wonderful young talent. I am very much
looking forward to Donna's first CD!

It was wonderful of the Celtic Tenors to pay tribute to Luciano Pavarotti. The audience was given instructions on how and when to participate, but of course some in the audience were a little too anxious and aahed too often, which meant being reprimanded by the Teors, which made everyone in the audience laugh. "Nessum Dorma" was a fun song to help the Tenors perform, even if most in the audience could've used more practice.

"Paddy McGinty's Goat" is a very funny song. Who would have known that Daryl is such a good dancer? I'm sure that everyone laughed when James said, "I want to go home" from backstage, and Matthew reminded him that he couldn't go home because they were in America.

When it was time for the Meet and Greet, There hadn't been a table set up for the Tenors to autograph anything. This meant that they had to walk around to chat with their fans. I thought that this was much nicer than if they were stuck behind a table. It seemed like no one was rushed and the Tenors were more than happy to talk to each of their fans, sign autographs, and have their pictures taken.

I cannot thank James, Matthew, Daryl, Donna & Danny for always giving their very best each and every time they perform. Thank you all for always entertaining your audience, telling us a little about yourselves and where you are from, and for always showing us how much you love what you do.

My Mom & I will, with any luck, be seeing you all again in 2008, hopefully in West Virginia in March...we're looking forward to it already!