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2007-10-07 Waukegan

reviewed by Maggie Mae

Well, it took me a day to rest up and get my head back on straight.

Lets just start by saying "Bravo," The Celtic Tenors are very near and dear to my heart. Their renditions of some of my favorites were so moving and beautiful. First of all "Shenandoah" was unbelievably touching, Then "Ten Thousand Tears," I can always enjoy a good cry. Throw in "Angel Of Mercy" and "All Out Of Love," Life can be relived by music, just like that. Thank God for "You Raise Me Up." James, Matthew, Daryl and Donna, You'll never have to worry about not having a loving Fan Club. Just stay as focused on your talent and great choices of music. You'll never need to say "Remember Me" other than in song. The humor was delightful, they are so cute. All in all it was another memorable evening with The Celtic Tenors. I'll never take them for granted. Their thoughtfulness and sincerity is much appreciated along with their talent.I am truly disapointed today knowing they are only 5 hrs away in Marshalltown IA, and I can't be there. Sorry, I didn't get to speak with Donna, It was kind of lively out in the lobby. Would loved to have welcomed her back. She is lovely. Danny Sheridan is a wonderful musician. He fits right in. Such a great amount
of talent on one stage.

It was delightful meeting Marcia, Nana, and Marcia's seven beautiful precious children. The children were amazing, so well behaved and polite. I sat next to Nana, in back of the other six and Marcia's Shannon sat next to Gary. They talked like they were old friends. When they were leaving for the night, Shannon said to Gary, Good-bye, it was nice meeting you. She must be all of eight. I take my hat off to Marcia. She is a wonderful Mom. Children and puppies can easily steal the show. The Celtic Tenors sure knew how to share the stage with them out in the lobby. Each of the Lads were Super with the Children. They all enjoyed it tremendously. Finally, I met Tom Tully and his wife. Tom is a sweetheart. He sure is a great fan of the CT's. I saw Pat speaking to James, but didn't know who she was at the time. Next time we'll meet. All in all, It is a "Love So Beautiful."