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2007-10-05 Lexington MI

reviewed by Paddy

Good Morning to everyone.........

With my morning coffee mug in hand, I am sitting here wishing that I had your magic pen, John, so that I could adequately express my thoughts and impressions of the evening we spent yesterday in Lexington, Michigan with James, Matt, Daryl, Danny and Donna. It was another wonderful experience; memories to keep.

My friend and neighbor, Brenda and I drove from our home in Wyoming, Ontario, Canada to Lexington, a small American village on the shores of Lake Huron. The distance between the two communities is only about an hour's drive, but as it was a holiday weekend in both the U.S. and Canada, we decided to leave early as the bridge joining the two countries is chronically busy. Lucky for us, our wait at customs was very brief and we were left with about 3 hours to fill before the performance, and what would two woman do with that much time? What else but go find a mall and go shopping which we did in Port Huron, the border crossing city. We arrived in Lexington in time to get a coffee and browse the area on an October "summer" evening. A whole block, called Smackwater Block, included the Lexington Music Theatre Co., as well as The Brewmaster's Pub, The Vintage, a restraurant with 3 private dining rooms, The Huron Ave. Gourmet Marketplace and the Tasting Room Wine Bar.

The Theatre is a two year old beautiful Victorian Architecture structure using period style oak woodwork, reclaimed brick and lush carpet with state of the art lighting and sound and three seating sections, Cabaret, Main and Balcony with a 300 seating capacity, a very intimate setting in which to perform. We had
Cabaret seats and what a treat. We were seated in black leather, very comfortable chairs on either side of a small table with a soft flickering lamp. There were 4 rows of this seating and we were in the third row.

At exactly 8:30 the magic began and for two hours we were transported into an enchanted world. Having just seen the performance at St. Catharines in the Spring, I thought it might be a repeat of that evening, but there were many new additions such as' Ten Thousand Tears', 'Angel of Mercy', 'Anthem from Chess', and 'Kathy'. They gave a wonderful rendition of 'All Out of Love' and over the evening had three standing ovations.

We got to chat with Donna, James, Daryl, and Matt. I had my new 'World in Union' CD to be signed. This was the only one I had that had Daryl singing. The Tenors were all excited to see the CD as they hadn't yet gotten theirs. I had the impression that they were all very enthusiastic Rugby fans.

I received a warm sincere hug from Joyce Covington and had a lovely visit with her. What a nice person she is! I also met Linda and Gary from Illinois, more nice people! We had some moments to chat about our favorite Tenors and got to relate how we became fans. I told Linda I was giving her the honor of writing
a review, but here I am upstaging her, only because they are on a holiday and wouldn't be home for about another week. I thought that you would like some earlier impressions. I am sure that Linda will write later of their own thoughts.

What can I add except that it was a great evening, another experience to treasure and a hope that someday in the future, I all have the opportunity again to be part of the audience for a live performance of the Celtic Tenors.