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2007-10-16 Minot

reviewed by Barb & Heather

This is Barb and Heather reporting in from a very wet and chilly Winnipeg. We got in late Wednesday night after a very long and tiring drive from Minot North Dakota. Don't let anyone tell you that the Prairies are flat, because we went up and down so many hills it made our heads spin. At one point we thought we were on a roller coaster and went miles and miles before we ever saw a town. Minot is in the middle of North Dakota and is the biggest city in the State.

The first thing we did after we got home was to call the dog sitter and have Heather's dog delivered home. Cody was not too impressed with us having to send him away and apparently did not eat his meals, often sulking and just on the odd occassion when he was really hungry would accept the odd dog biscuit. He is home now and enjoying the warmth and comfort of his own bed. Ahhh...the life of a dog. Of course he does not know he is one, but that is another story entirely. We are here to give our account of the concert in Minot. I think we are still on Cloud 9 and we don't ever want to come down....

The Concert -

The concert was performed at the Ann Nicole Nelson Hall located at Minot State University in Minot North Dakota. The hall was so named in honour of Ann Nicole Nelson, a bond trader with Cantor Fitzgerald who worked on the 104th floor of the World Trade Centre. She lost her life during the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. The hall was re-dedicated in her name in 2003.

As always each song was prefaced by a little introduction from the lads, such as Daryl talking about "the troubles" in Ireland and dedicating "You Raise Me Up" to his parents.

It didn't take the audience long to warm up to the CT's, applauding enthusiastically after each song. They seemed particularly appreciative of the opera pieces. We heard quite a few "BRAVOS" after each. The humourous songs were received with much laughter, especially Paddy McGinty's Goat. We believe the lads have added a few new comedic touches to this song. Daryl received a fair bit of applause for his antics, with James admonishing the audience not to encourage such outrageous behaviour.

Some special moments -

When we arrived at the hall to collect our concert tickets we were told that the lads would be performing an acoustic concert, a first for us. Apparently the sound system was quite horrible and it was decided the lads would not use microphones. We were told the best seats in the house for hearing the concert properly were in the balcony. But once the doors were opened Heather's friend Joan and Aunty Kathleen rushed (RUSHED) down to grab 4 seats in the front row! The hall filled up quickly, including the balcony. There were a few empty seats in the front and second rows but after intermission, everyone moved down and filled in those seats.

We were privileged to hear the debut performace of the CT's version of "Song for Ireland" which will very probably become a part of their repertoire for the rest of this tour. We certainly hope so. The lads say they still have to work out a few kinks in the song but it sounded absolutely lovely to us. Many of you will know this song as you've perhaps heard Deirdre sing it.

We've heard the song 'So Strong' in other concerts but this was the very first time the lads have sung it in a concert with only a piano accompaniment. Well done lads, you don't need the backing track.This was our first time meeting and hearing Danny Sheridan on piano and he was terrific.

An cailin rua was dedicated to Heather's Aunt Kathleen who was positively glowing and enjoying every moment of the concert.

As always, the CT's like a little audience participation but this time it came with a price. The audience was made to sing "high" opera in the form of backing vocals for Nessun Dorma. Pavarotti would have been proud. The audience surprised even the lads with how well they chimed in with the chorus.

All out of L-O-V-E...

This song was definitely a crowd pleaser and one can undertand why the lads continue to perform this at each concert. The audience loved it and gave the CT's their first standing ovation of the evening for it. During the song the boys each took a long stemmed red rose, hopped off the stage and presented them to 3 lucky ladies. We watched James as he approached us and much to our delight went down on one knee and presented his rose to Heather's Aunt Kathleen. We do believe she blushed and was quite overwhelmed by his attention. He looked like a knight in shining armour....

Fashion commentary -

The guys were formally outfitted in black Armani suits, very smart, with white shirts and each lad had a different tie. Black shiny patent leather shoes. Second half they sported more casual dress with James wearing a very smart Mocha colour jacket almost suede like in appearance, (not sure if it was actual suede) but he
looked "MIGHTY" fine in it. James had on a dark shirt with blue piping throughout. Daryl had on a pair of fine pin-striped grey trousers with a dark shirt with black pin-stripes also. A Dark blazer topped off his outfit. Matthew sported dark trousers, and a lovely metalic taupe shirt, with a lighter coloured jacket.
They all had new tan coloured leather boots. Donna had no less than 3 different outfits on that night. The first was a lovely purple gown with a sash at the waist with a silver buckle, the second was a black seeded cocktail dress with a bow at the waist, and the 3rd was the icy blue Cinderella gown. She looked like a princess.

Song List -

Star of the County Down
Raise me up
Poc ar Buile
Irish Rover
Barcarolle (with Donna)
O mio Babbino Caro (Donna)
Libiamo (with Donna)
Still by your Side
So Stong
Remember Me

Intermission -

I'll Tell Me Ma
Song for Ireland (new)
An Cailin Rua (dedicated to Heather's Aunt Kathleen)
Katie (Donna)
Nessun Dorma
Paddy McGinty
All out of L-O-V-E :-)
Time to say Goodbye (with Donna)

Encore -
Danny Boy

After the concert was over the boys and Donna mingled with guests in the lobby and signed autographs and posed for pictures.

Heather's friend Joan took pictures with her new digital camera, but we are not sure when she will be able to down load them to her computer and pass them along to us for use on the fanclub site. But as soon as they become available, you will be sure to see them here.

If we think of anything else to add from the concert, we will post later.

We would like to thank James, Daryl, Matthew, Donna, Danny and Matt for coming as far north as they did on this tour. Seeing them all is like seeing friends you haven't seen in ages. You can't help but smile and enjoy the hugs and squooshes, we know that Aunty Kathleen sure enjoyed all the attention that the lads bestowed upon her. She was Queen for the night, and we were her ladies in waiting.(and we are still waiting for that rose!) BIG HINT HERE LADS!!!!! :-)

Barb and Heather sigh-ning off from cloud 9...