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2007-10-07 Waukegan

reviewed by Marica

Well what an exciting evening we had with the marvelous Celtic Tenors!!

Our kids had a marvelous time!!!! My little MAry Margaret now has a crush on Daryl! And rightfully so!!

6 of the 7 sat in the front row and my Mom, myself and one of my other daughters in the 2nd(in case I had to whisk them off for not behaving) THat did not happen!! They loved everything, I have never had such an enjoyable evening in my life in spite of the horrific heat that we never have in Chicago in October+)

It was a very crowded theater and the lads were remarkable, the music and the sounds and the jokes(my kids fav was the kick in the ass James received+)) during the song!! ANd of the goat noise that James so graciously didan encoreof in the aftershow+))

The evening was priceless and so well worth it forever, thank you for the memories my children will always cherish, along with the roses for the girls, I am sure they will dry them and save them forever!

There was many a looks I rcvd walking in with the 7 of them, I am sure little whispers of bringing children(that many) into a quiet theater like that, but I must again thank teh tenors, those kids sat through andloved every minute and after intermission couldn't wait to go back in and sat again, when they ae interested they will listen, and listen whole heartedly they did, teh girls loved Donna, my little red head Theresa was giving Donna thumbs up, which I tried to quiet her down, and though the red headed girl song was "just for her" Mary was lovingly swaying her rose back and forth (like a lighter and concert) so that was quite comical!

My only low point was my lovely childrens' bought with stage fright, James made sure they sang Ireland's Call and my little Jimmy buried his head, but i guess the comfort of your own home and PJ's allow you al ittle more leeway to be a "superstar" then the awe they were in there!! But they did well singing a bit from their seats as I may have made it perfectly clear that they couldn't get up do anything and for once all 7 listened and they didn't get up and sing!! But they knew the song was fro them which they all told their Dad when we got home!! NOw onto my precious MAry, in "lobby" after someone mentioned how they didn't sing Danny BOy, so the Gracious as always lad, start singng it in the lobby, my little Mary who is only 24 pounds at 3 1/2 years old(she has gained no weight in 10 months now) was upset she couldn't see so I told her to squeeze through the circle to see, well the "shy" one walked right up to Daryl who picked her up and sang the rest of Danny BOy with MAry in his arms!! I can feel the tears welling now! She came home and said Daddy the boy sang to me!! That will always be cherished, the loving genuine good heartedness that people still possesss ie The Celtic Tenors that make people stiil respect other people! That we are blessed that they share their
talents with us, and myself who has no talent, can make this memory with my children!! No toy can replace the memory of last night!!

James met Jimmy or vice versa!! Jimmy knew who James was and it was really great!!! I have the cutest pic of the 2 of htem and that in itself is also priceless, I feel I may be being redundant, but I am so overwhelmed with blessings and the joy of last night I had to post this!

We also have an awesome pic with the 3 lads myself and all 7 kids1! That one will be great!!! What an overall tremendously fullfilling evening!! I am so glad for all of you and may blessing continue to follow us all!!!! The kids asked last nigh (we got home around 1 am) when we can go back to see them again, so we are on for the next one!!!!!