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2007-09-13./14. Worcester and Concord

reviewed by Betty

I have been very fortunate to have attended 2 concerts in a row on one weekend - double the pleasure and double the fun.

First night was at Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA and second night was at the Concord City Auditorium in Concord, NH. A lot of driving was involved, but it was well worth it. I still haven't come down to earth, yet. The song list was essentially the same on both nights, but I didn't mind that either. I would listen to the same concert as many times as possible. My daughter, Wendy, was with me.

On the first night the college ballroom was packed with standing room only. (The fact that the concert was free, courtesy of an anonymous alumni, may have helped.) Chairs were set up in the lobby for the overflow. The lads opened with Ireland's Call, started in the back, which set the tone for the evening. They were dressed in suits for the first half, but were more casual the second half. Also, it was very warm in the ballroom. The air conditioning was not turned on until the intermission.

Then came Caledonia followed by You Raise Me Up. I agree with the others that Daryl has made this his song. He dedicated it to his parents. I loved the arrangement.

After You Raise Me Up was An Poc Ar Bhuile, the goat song, sung a capella. The lads dedicated it to Wendy and me on Friday night. I don't know if I should be flattered or not.

This was followed by Irish Rover with the audience clapping and singing along on the chorus. The audience really got into this song.

Nella Fantasia was next with Donna Malone joining the lads on stage. She was dressed in a lovely purple gown. Barcarolle was substituted for Nella Fantasia on Friday night. Both songs were wonderful.

Then Donna sang her solo, O Mio Babbino Caro - absolutely beautiful!! It was one of the highlights of the evening. Donna has a CD coming out next month, and it will be available at the concerts once it is released. This aria will be on it. Unfortunately, I was not able to buy it or I would have. Her voice is breathtaking.

The lads and Donna then sang a familiar Italian song, but I don't remember the name. If it was announced, I didn't hear it.

Angel Of Mercy brought tears to my eyes. It was much more moving sung in person than on the CD. The audience was very moved by Holly's story. The song was dedicated to her.

Belle of Belfast City was next and livened up the mood. This was followed by Shenandoah, sung a cappella, which BLEW ME AWAY!!!! Definitely the highlight of the evening. This song HAS to be on the next CD!!!

The remaining songs were:
- Remember Me (dedicated to the servicemen and women around the world)
- Intermission -
- Anthem from Chess
- Fields of Athenry
- Wild Rover
- An Cailin Rua (dedicated to Wendy on Friday since she has red hair)
- Katie by Donna (This song will also be on her CD. She was wearing that
gorgeous green gown in the picture with the lace bodice and beading.)
- Ten Thousand Tears (another highlight with Matthew singing the words,
Daryl harmonizing with him, and Donna and James doing the humming chorus.
This is one of my favorite songs.)
- Nessum Dorma with the audience joining in on the chorus
- Paddy McGinty's Goat - Everyone loved the skit (and Daryl's bad jokes). I
have wanted to see this after the other reviews describing it. Daryl was great
as Nora, hitting the high B flat, and doing the piroutte
- Whiskey in the Jar
- All Out of Love with a standing ovation afterwards.
- Time to Say Goodbye (encore with Donna)

Some final notes and thoughts:

- A new CD will be out in 2008. Some of the songs have already been recorded.
- Donna's CD will be available next month.
- I was feeling like a groupie (or a stalker) after the second concert.
- We were surprised that James recognized us on Thursday during the meet and
greet. We hadn't been at a concert for over a year, and he didn't know that
we were going to be there.

Attending 2 concerts in a row made me realize how classy CTs are. Regardless of the size of the venue or the audience (Friday was smaller than Thursday), they put their hearts and souls into every song even though they had sung all of them many times before. Near the end of the meet and greet on Friday, an elderly lady asked them to sing Danny Boy which they did even though they were tired. Not many other artists would have done this. Those who were there got an extra bonus.