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2007-08-21 Amsterdam Concertgebouw

published on on Tuesday, August, 21 2007

Celtic Tenors at the Concertgebouw

Today, the Celtic Tenors (Matthew Gilsenan, James Nelson and Daryl Simpson) gave a marvellous concert at the Concertgebouw, here in Amsterdam. We own a few of their CDs, but had never heard the gentlemen live before. (A few years ago, a concert we were planning to go to was cancelled due to lack of interest.) By now, these three gents are so renowned that they sell out venues all across the world (and they will be touring the United States this fall). The programme was very diverse; Irish folk and drinking songs, opera, and pop songs. The trio seems very affable, which makes a concert a very pleasant experience.

In addition to that, these three gentlemen are incredible singers and masters of close harmony. We enjoyed the concert down to the very last note! A number of songs were dedicated to various people in the audience. "Shenandoah", dedicated to a few Americans in the audience, was warm, virtuoso and perfect; making you wish it would never end.... (Every now and then, a concert is so disappointing that you're better off listening to a CD. It seems that these tenors try to do even better live than they do in the studio.) They sang "Danny Boy" for a couple celebrating their golden anniversary, after being requested to do so by email. The Celtic Tenors are happy to do such things for their fans; as I said, they are a very affable trio&.

The technical highlight of the evening might have been "Barcarole" (Offenbach), which had been arranged for four voices for the occasion. Along with soprano Deirdre Shannon, this song was performed at "goosebump level" (Deirdre, by the way, is tenor Matthew's sister). However, this concert was so excellent that you can't really speak of highlights or lows. Do not hesitate if they should one day perform near you: go!