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2007-08-19 Milwaukee Irish Fest

reviewed by Judy

The rains didn't have their way at all in dampening the fun during the CTs' last Irish Fest performance today. After nonstop wetness since yesterday morning, it stopped raining just before they were to go on stage. I have to say that my husband and I thorougly enjoyed our first Celtic Tenors show, and those around us did, as well. We found our seats early (since I was tired from walking around, that worked out well), and although the crowd was sparse at show's start,
it filled in nicely during their first song. I was pleased that Milwaukee heard something nice, came by to listen a bit and got a fun show for the effort.

We enjoyed the showmanship of the three, especially, and the lovely harmonies. Shannon added a special, talented, feminine touch. Let's see...from what I can recall some of the songs they sang were Fields of Athenry, An Poc Ar Buile, Remember Me (dedicated to the US troups overseas), Nessun Dorma, So Strong, and a Journey song (darn my memory!).

They announced that there would be a brief CD signing after the show nearby, and they would be flying out of the city shortly thereafter for Amsterdam. Thank goodness the heaviest of the rains let up! While I didnt have a CD for them to sign, I did want to pass along a Squoosh Message for them from Barb and Heather. But how to do it? I found their signing station and waited a bit until James wasn't busy with a fan (he was very kind at giving each person who came in front of him his undivided attention), then I quickly told him that Barb and Heather said "hi" and said something about a "squoosh". He asked if I was Judy, I said I was, and he reached over and offered a half-hug over the tall table. When I told this to Barb, she suggested that might be a "half-Nelson" <G> He apologized for the rain, and for the canceled show the night before (they were to play
on a different stage, one that wasn't covered, and the puddles made things dangerous), and asked how we enjoyed the show. I told him that it was lots of fun and that I hoped they'd come again next year. He asked me to put in a good word and I promised I would <G>

I hope the Celtic Tenors enjoyed their working visit to Milwaukee.
I'd say Milwaukee would like to have them back!