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2007-08-21 Amsterdam Concertgebouw

reviewed by Rianne

As expected, the concert at the Concertgebouw was phenomenal. The guys and Deirdre brought the almost-packed house down. They were all flawless  nobody would have guessed that they had only arrived in Amsterdam from Milwaukee on the previous day. As the guys were introducing themselves, James mentioned that there are a number of venues in the world that an artist dreams of performing in. He mentioned Carnegie Hall in New York, and (I think) the Royal Albert Hall in London, and then went on to say that the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam is definitely on the list as well, and that the Celtic Tenors were truly honoured to be there. Matthew pointed out that "James says this of every venue we perform in", which we know isn't true  and James denied it. :) During the introduction of "An Poc Ar Bhuile", when Daryl started jumping up and down at James's reference to exorcize (exercise), Matthew apologised up front to the audience for all the bad jokes they would tell that evening.

Here is the song list:
- Spanish Lady/Marie's Wedding
- Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go
- An Poc Ar Bhuile
- You Raise Me Up
I'll Tell Me Ma
- Barcarolle
- Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
- The Prayer
- The Irish Rover
- Angel Of Mercy
- Shenandoah
- Remember Me
- Ireland's Call
- An Cailin Rua
- Summer Of My Dreams(!!)
- Whisky In The Jar
- Danny Boy
- A Love So Beautiful
- Nessun Dorma
- Nella Fantasia
- Still By Your Side
- Paddy McGinty's Goat
- Caledonia
- All Out Of Love
Time To Say Goodbye

There were a number of very special people in the audience last night. One of them was James' father, to whom James dedicated his solo "Summer Of My Dreams". He also pointed out that there was a reference to his father in the second verse (&..the old fool with the wrong bait"&..  James' words, NOT mine!!!). Daryl's parents were there as well, and Daryl dedicated "You Raise Me Up" to them. One of Daryl's mentors was there too, along with a few guests from the US(!!). Finally, there was a couple in the audience celebrating their golden anniversary  50 years!!  and the guys had added "Danny Boy" to the song list especially for them, because it is their absolute favourite.

Of course, the night had a bit of a bittersweet feel to it, because every song Deirdre sang with them last night she sang for the "last" time. The songs in themselves were enough for me to need tissues, but add that thought and the tears even more readily flowed. It also didn't help that the tenors sang "Angel of Mercy" (after telling the story of little Holly); that song ALWAYS makes me sniffle. As I expected beforehand, the acoustics of the Concertgebouw turned "Nessun Dorma", and particularly the chorus to which the entire audience sang along, into a breathtaking experience.

The concert was unforgettable, and a worthy "finale" of Deirdre's time with the tenors. As nice as it will be to see Donna perform with them again, I for one will miss Deirdre  even though she no doubt has some wonderful surprises in store for us - and I hope last night's concert wasn't the last time we ever get to see her perform with the tenors.

To the guys, Deirdre and David: I was SO proud of you last night, and I can't wait for the next concert in this wonderful venue!

Luv, Rianne