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2007-08-04/05 Dublin Ohio Irish Festival

reviewed by Ennica

Hello to all!! Let me make a point of telling you that I took my mother with me this time. I played a Tenors CD on a road trip a couple of months ago, and she cried to hear their "Danny Boy." We had just been to our first Renaissance Festival, and I mentioned that I was going to Dublin, Ohio, for an Irish Festival and that the Tenors were scheduled to be there. She promptly said, "I'll go." I said, "Okay."

We arrived in Dublin, Ohio, around 6:30 p.m. on Friday, August 3. We quickly checked into our hotel and hurried to meet some friends that I knew were going to be there. We were about an hour late meeting them. My mother was ecstatic to finally meet some of the people that I'd been meeting on the `Net. She was worried that I was going to go missing from one of these road trips. She no longer thinks that. She didn't realize that most of the people I meet at Tenors shows are normal people around her age. After dinner, she kept saying, "Those are the neatest group of people." Of course, I already knew that. :-)

We were tired after dinner, so we went back to our hotel and went to bed early. You wouldn't think that sitting on your duff for 7 hours would be so exhausting, but it is. We got up early Saturday morning and went to breakfast. My mother had been ill for several days before the trip, and she had had her first meal in two days on Friday night. After we ate breakfast on Saturday, she was ill again. She continued to be ill until around noon, and we didn't think that she was going to be able to make it to the Festival. She finally said that she wanted to try it, and we went.

The Dublin Irish Festival was HUGE!!! This thing takes up several blocks and attracts people from all over everywhere. We parked and rode a shuttle to the main fairgrounds. We were able to be let off at the Northwest entrance, which was right in front of the Dublin Stage where the boys were scheduled to perform. My mother decided that she wanted a t-shirt souvenir from the Festival, so she set out walking to find a vendor. It was 98° F in Dublin, OH, that day. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. My mother got very hot very quickly, but she was determined to get a shirt and that she was going to pick it out herself. The result was that a man in a golf cart had to take us back to the First Aid tent so that she could be examined by the Paramedics that the city had on hand for just such an event. Thank Heaven for that!!! Her blood pressure had just dropped too low, and when she finally got cooled off, she was fine. And she had her shirt, too.

After we left the First Aid tent, we went to the Dublin Stage and found our group staking out front row seats for the show. This was about an hour and a half before the Tenors were scheduled to appear at 4:00 p.m. The lady who was performing was quite good, so our time turned out to be well spent, but I could sense the anticipation building in my mother, and in our whole group. Before the lady left the stage, she mentioned that she wanted to see the Tenors perform, too, as they were a favorite of hers.

We eagerly waited for 15 minutes while David and Matt, the tour manager, set up the sound for the show. It was so good to see them and know that the boys and Deirdre were just offstage. At precisely 4:00 p.m., our boys bounded onto the stage to "Ireland's Call," which was so appropriate for the Festival. They looked so dashing in JEANS, white shirts, and white sport jackets with pinstripes. I don't know what color the stripes actually were in the jacket, but they looked like a light blue or a light gray. This was the first time I'd ever seen them in jeans. You could almost hear the women in the audience swooning. LOL!! I've met them before, and even I was a little taken with how fetching they looked. Whew!

They took those jackets off after the first couple of songs. It was way too hot for that, even under the tent with a fan blowing on the stage. (There were two fans, but one wasn't working. Poor boys!) I was still concerned about my mother, so I didn't take notes this time. I do recall them singing "All Out of Love," "An Cailin
Rua," "I'll Tell Me Ma," "Nessun Dorma," "Caledonia" & "Remember Me." Deirdre sang "Two Sisters," which is a new song that I'd never heard her sing before. It has a touching story, and I know you'll all like it, too, when you hear it. She and Matthew sang "The Prayer." Deirdre joined the boys for "So Strong" and "Time to Say Goodbye." After they left the stage, the audience was crying for more, so the boys came back and did their rendition of "Danny Boy." The audience ate it up!!

The tent had a good-sized audience when they started the show, but that place was packed by the time the show ended. The Tenors were a hit! They got several standing ovations, and I stopped counting after the third one. My mother enjoyed the show so very much. She kept rubbing her arms to get the goosebumps down. We all know how that is, don't we? I thought she was going to faint when they started their a cappella "Danny Boy," the song that started this new love affair with the Tenors and their music.

After the show, the boys and Deirdre went to the side of the stage for a Meet & Greet. The line was amazing! Even in that heat, people were lining up to buy CDs and pictures, as well as to meet the boys. Oh, yeah, the boys now have a fabulous photo of themselves available for purchase. My mother bought both of the Tenors CDs available at the Festival, Deirdre's CD, and the new picture of our dashing young men. We stood in line to meet the Tenors, and my mother squealed like a schoolgirl when James called her by her name, which is Teresa. *I'm grinning at the memory even now.* Matthew and Deirdre said that she had the same name as their own mother, and she just grinned.

My mother fell completely in love with all three of the boys and Deirdre. She met David and thought he was hysterically funny. She was mesmerized by the accents (aren't we all?), and she continues to talk about the show and meeting our friends from Ireland. She thanked me profusely, and we've already decided that we're going to return to Dublin, Ohio, for the Irish Festival again next year. We're going to fly next time, though. That seven hour trip is almost excruciating. She's also actively planning our next trip to see the Tenors, Deirdre and David.

To put this in perspective, this is a woman who used to think I was insane to travel all over the country to see Deirdre, Matthew, Daryl, James, and David. She no longer thinks that, by the way. In fact, she's just put in an application for a passport, so we can travel to Canada to see them there. She's never had a passport before. I told her that the boys and Deirdre often sing in old churches in Canada and that these churches usually have amazing acoustics. (Or so I've heard.) She said she'd go with me, if we flew, and we need passports to fly into Canada these days. So, this is a really big deal, and I know everyone here understands why she's finally willing to do it.

I hope everyone enjoyed this tardy review. I will post a couple of the pictures that my mother took with her camera. She's a much better photographer than I am. I didn't even attempt to take pictures with my camera this time.

To James, Daryl, Matthew, Deirdre, and David: Thank you for making this trip so special. We love you all and hope to see you again soon.

To the other fans in this group that I haven't met yet: I hope to meet you soon. Perhaps at a Canadian concert?

Ya'll take care and I wish you a Tenors concert in your near future.