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2007-05-27 Dundalk

reviewed by Rianne



The no. 1 reason I went to Ireland: the concert in Dundalk. It was every bit as fabulous as Beate described, and I really don't have much to add to her review.
This was a concert of "firsts" for me: the first time I went to Dundalk, my first concert in a church, the first time I heard "So Strong" and "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" live, and the first time I heard "The Holy City" (and indeed, the first time that I heard that "thinking of a sheep without lips" could help the audience to
sing their part in "Nessun Dorma" properly....).


Though I wasn't as anxious to hear "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" live as our beloved Lord Harding was, I had certainly been looking forward to it since I learned it was back on the concert list, and all but bounced off my seat with excitement when I recognised the intro. And it was well worth the wait. I loved
this song already, but hearing it live gave me goosebumps.


And it was just as wonderful to hear "So Strong" live. The acoustics in a church are completely different from that in a "regular" concert hall, the sound seems to come from everywhere around you and I loved it - I can't wait for the concert at the Grote Kerk in Vlaardingen next year!


The cherry on the cake of what was already a perfect evening was the AMAZING amount of money that James raised for his Kenya trip. On the stage, he called himself "the worst beggar in the world" and asked people to, if they wanted, donate "some change" for the trip, but Matthew urged the audience to give as much as they could miss, and preferably paper money! And thankfully, the audience listened to Matthew on this one!;)