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2007-05-27 Dundalk

Concert in St. Nicholas' Church, Dundalk
reviewed by Beate


Just a quick note about the concert in Dundalk last night  I know there will be other, probably more detailed reports coming in, so
really just want to say, it was TERRIFIC.

The concert was a fundraiser for the building of St. Nicholas' Church, which is a very very beautiful one. And spacious, too  it was more or less fully packed last night, with 500 to 600 people.

Daryl, Matthew, James, Deirdre and David were in top form and it was a very enjoyable evening from the first note to the last applause after the final standing ovation. For those interested, the setlist was as follows:

First Half
Will ye go Lassie go
An poc ar buile
You raise me up
The Prayer
So Strong
I'll tell me Ma
Remember me


Second Half
An Cailin Rua
Ten Thousand Tears
Nessun Dorma
Still by your side
Will you still love me tomorrow (Deirdre)
Song for Ireland (Deirdre)
Whiskey in the jar
Paddy McGinty's goat
All out of love
to say goodbye

Encore: The Holy City

They really had the audience in their hands from the first note  it was very delightful to see the response and the participation when it came to singing and clapping! "You raise me up" was dedicated to all Irish politicians  very fitting in the week after the general elections in the Republic, and the historic developments in Northern
Ireland over the recent weeks.

It was also great to see/hear "So Strong" back in the programme  a slightly changed arrangement to what I had heard before, but fabulous nonetheless. James was almost too shy to mention it, but the other two prodded him along and lead the way with a few questions, and so James' trip to Kenya was mentioned after the song, and also the fact that there was a collection box set up on the merchandise table if anyone wanted to contribute.

Moreover, Daryl dedicated the next song to James in order to honour his commitment to this humanitarian project  so James, kind of, sang "Shenandoah" to himself I think!

In the second half, there was a fabulous audience choir supporting the boys during "Nessun Dorma" (the number of explanations how to do the "ahh" was new to me and, to say the least, pretty inventive  who'd have guessed one could use sheep for that too?).

As for "Paddy McGinty's goat"  this song has had quite a development ever since I've heard it for the first time a good ten months ago in Kilmallock. They seem to put bits and pieces in the whole time and it changes constantly, so even if you think you know it, trust me, you never really do! There were two or three additions in particular that had me laughing out loud  it was great!

When the guys did "Time to say goodbye", the whole audience was up for a standing ovation even before they had finished the last line of the song. It was overwhelming to see, and hear, that reaction and I think the tenors, Deirdre and David were touched by it, too.

Finally, a special mention here for the encore  the tenors decided to put the mikes down and "sing as tenors". Highly appreciated and the church got so quiet when they announced this, you could have heard a pin drop. It was a perfect choice of encore for those lovely voices and even more for the church background  and it also happened to be one of my all-time favourites  "The holy city".

After the encore, the tenors marched down the middle aisle and practically did what they had announced earlier  shaking hands with everyone on the way out! As usual, lots of people approached them for autographs, photos, or simply a chat.

Last but not least& James' Kenya collection was HUGELY successful. Whenever my eyes went to this basket, or whenever I was told to drop yet another sum of change from the merchandise people bought into the basket, I did not quite believe the growing pile of coins and bank notes in all sizes and colours! However, I trust James will send a very own note on this& Best of luck to him for the project in Kenya!