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2007-04-28 St. Catharines

reviewed by Barb


As always, I find that attending a Celtic Tenor concert is not only about hearing a great performance from the lads, Deirdre and David, but also about sharing the experience with close friends - the St Catharines' concert proved no different.

My good friend and neighbour Gloria and I met up with Heather and John at the airport on Friday afternoon; Heather having flown in from Winnipeg first and then a short while later John arriving from London. John rented a car and together we made our way to St Catharines but not without a little misadventure ...... missing the turnoff to the Queen Elizabeth Way, the main highway to get us to St Catharines, and being engulfed in the late Friday afternoon rush hour traffic , we ended up taking a rather circuitous route that took us over 2 hours for what probably should have been just a little over an hour's drive. However, with good natured bantering and good music playing in the background, we finally arrived safely at our appointed destination.

Fast forward to the concert Saturday night....... I've included the song list at the end. I enjoyed every single song performed but I'll just mention a few of my favourites.

You Raise Me Up - since I first heard the CTs sing this I have enjoyed it and it seems to get better and better if that's possible. Daryl dedicated this song to a friend of his, Matt, who travelled from Washington, DC to attend the concert. Bravo to Matt for helping the wonderful Joyce Covington at the merchandise table selling CDs and DVDs and doing a splendid job! During the intermission and at the end of the show, the merchandise table was jammed packed with audience members anxious to purchase the music of both the CTs and Deirdre. I understand sales went exceptionally well.

Shenandoah - another song that keeps getting better and better. Absolutely superb a capella rendition! Their version is now dubbed `The American
Boy'. I believe it was James who mentioned that they are now looking for a song they can sing which could become `The Canadian Danny Boy', so to all Canadian fans, the tenors welcome your suggestions!

An Cailin Rua (The Red Haired Girl) - sung in Irish, the harmonies are simply exquisite. Please lads, put this gem on your next CD!!!

Will You Still Love Me - Deirdre dedicated this to our favourite English gentleman. To see John mesmerized and so emotionally touched by this song and Deirdre's rendition was a joy to behold.

Also wonderful to watch was the audience reaction to the whole evening. Right from the beginning when the lads bounded on stage to Spanish Lady / Marie's Wedding, the audience was clapping and tapping and thoroughly enthralled with the tenors and Deirdre.

My friend Gloria had only seen the lads at a promotional gig in Toronto in 2005. St Catharines was her first full concert and I feel safe in saying it
won't be her last. This particular concert was made extra special for her when James delivered a rose to her after All Out of Love! It was a pleasure to see the delight on her face.

Also a pleasure was meeting and chatting with Paddy and her friend Brenda after the concert. Paddy, I am thrilled that you were finally able to meet the
tenors! And, I understand you will be seeing them later this year when they perform in Michigan, a much shorter drive for you than the 3 hour drive from St Catharines to your home.

I was sorry not to have more time to speak with Joyce. What a hard worker she is and I know the lads and Deirdre appreciate her merchandising skills
very much! Heather has nicknamed her their `Den Mother' because she also tends to other chores as well as selling CDs. Brava, Joyce! Hope to get to chat with you longer the next time.

I was able to have a few words with Matt their tour manager who explained some of the difficulties involved in a long tour such as the one the tenors have just been on. Listening to him helped me to understand some of the problems and appreciate the tenors that much more for their dedication and hard work. Bravo to Matt for his part in making the CT tour a success!

Finally, I have to thank James, Matthew, Daryl, Deirdre, David (who didn't misbehave too badly this weekend), Joyce, Matt (Daryl's friend), Matt (tour
manager), and all my friends for making this weekend one to remember and cherish.

I will now let Heather and John take over and add their thoughts and fill in
some of the details I've missed.

Hugs to all,

Song List:

Spanish Lady
An Poc ar Buile (A Capella)
You Raise Me Up
Tell Me Ma
Nella Fantasia
The Prayer
Shenandoah (A Capella)
Remember Me


Ireland's Call
An Cailin Rua
Whiskey in the Jar
Nessun Dorma
Will You Still Love Me
Irish Rover
Paddy McGinty's Goat
All Out of Love
To Say Goodbye

Encore: Danny Boy